Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Government Destabilization: An Opinion

Government Destabilization: An Opinion

The Philippines seems to go down the drain. It really seems that there is no more hope for this country so why stay and drown with it right? I don't know I'm not really in my patriotic self right now. It's just because of the STUPID people. Let's take the stupid congressmen first. They are all big stars doing anything to get media attention saying that they're doing something to hide the fact that they really aren't doing anything. Instead of wasting their time desperately trying to cause government destabilization and ruining our economy, why don't they do their job?! Did you know that it's been a couple of years now and there has been no action to separate the minor offenders from the legally responsible ones. If they really want to make a change in this country, why don’t they do that change first? Innocent children are on the death row right now and have life sentences. What kind of heartless beasts would do nothing even if they had the power to give these children a chance to live a good life and have a better future?! They are so stupid. They should do their part first and allow the president to do her part.

The president is at war right now, she's on the constant battle to prevent poverty, terrorism, and other crimes to take us over but instead of supporting her they add to the problem making our lives worst. Well people will be people, greedy, selfish, and did I say greedy? And the bishops, the stupid bishops… Because of them my faith has gone down the drain. When will they learn that the state is SEPERATE from the church? What do they want? Do they want to regain the power they once had during the time we were colonized by Spain? And it is also the church’s fault that we are facing overpopulation. No to birth control they say but wouldn’t it be better to prevent conception than to throw the innocent to a life in poverty or hell as it is now. Mind you, contraception is way different from abortion. But this is not my point, my point is that the church may want the greater good but they should know that there are better ways other than adding to the chaos we have by going on the streets rallying. The church should know their place. They are here to unite the people and bring them closer to God, and not to cause chaos. Their so called assembly was not there only for prayer, it was a prayer RALLY. A wolf behind sheep’s clothing as they say. The prayer was a lie because it was inferred that the whole assembly was to trick everyone to mutiny.

I totally side with the government with the water cannon incident. Why? Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and no one is above it. So what if they were bishops, senators, congressmen, nuns, and so what if the ex-vice president was there? The video footage was hilarious and I can’t help but say they deserved it. It has been clear that there is a no-permit-no-rally policy to maintain peace and order and to protect the safety and interest of the people! Mendiola is a no-rally area. Why? It is near the center of governance and an up rise led by this small group of selfish people will give a wrong impression to the international community that the Philippines is an unstable country making us look worse as we are now. Plus there are proper places to hold a rally and they are adding to the traffic. Excuse me Mr. Ex-Vice President but you really were interfering with the rights of others by giving them inconvenience by causing traffic jams. We should report you to the United Nations for starting an up rise. They said that their assembly was a peaceful one. Yeah right! It's so peaceful that it's political in nature and leads to the president's resignation. But what good will we get from the president's resignation ESPECIALLY at the time like this where terror, poverty, and economic crisis all enmesh in this sphere waiting to explode and envelope us all. I was thinking, if there was only a restart button and a save point in our lives, why don’t we let the president resign, and of course that would lead to a power struggle, chaos, terrorists will grab the opportunity and add more to the chaos, the economy becomes worst, prices o the commodities will rise, and who will the masses, who do not even pay tax by the way, blame now? The president? The government? Who! Their stupid selves of course because they allowed themselves be fooled by hard, cold cash.

They are right when they said that they have the right to freedom of speech. The thing is that this so called right of theirs should not interfere with the right of others? There are appropriate places to hold a rally. Business centers, government offices, and public roads are not one of those places. Please take consideration of the rights of others. Do not allow our economy go down to shambles just because of your lust for power. Yes, I'm talking to the opposition. You do not represent the people. Because there will be a party for the government and I am one of that party. And because I am a citizen of this country I will not allow you people to take over and do with it as you will. I also have the right to freedom of speech and I am obliged to my opinion yes so this is my opinion and I will stand up for it.

I wonder why the government does not arrest the anti-government groups for treason. To me they are worst than rebels. They sicken me because they go out rallying but when they are caught they hide their faces because they are ashamed to take a stand to their beliefs. I am talking about the UP teens who tried to disturb a peaceful gathering where the president was at. I don’t know but the Filipinos don’t know a single thing about loyalty. They don’t trust the government that’s why because they think that nation building is only the government’s job. They are wrong for nation building is EVERYONE’S CONCERN! We should play our part in this attempt to even form a NATION for I believe that we don’t have one for we DON’T HAVE UNITY. Why does the government have to place rewards for information about the whereabouts of criminals? Isn’t it the duty of the citizens to hand out to the law these enemies of society? Isn’t it that the government is only trying to protect the people and the country?

The president does not run the country by herself that is why there are local government agencies. Do not blame the president for every blunder of local government agencies and for the soaring high prices of commodities and goods. She is not God and she is not superwoman. She does not have the power to control and change everything that is why during this time of war that she has, that we have, let us not be traitors to our great leader and to our country. Let us support her and unite for change!

All of us have a role that we must play in our quest for change, development, and peace. Let us not be brain washed by the opposition who are desperate and are trying everything to destabilize the government, the one thing that keeps us all together. Let us take a stand right now. Think of the common good. Speak your mind. There is still hope.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Silent Intramurals

Sadly the XU Intramural Days of SY 2005-2006 was not that thrilling at all, well at least in my point of view. Maybe it was because of my great expectation of this special event that may have led me to think that the intramurals of this school year was bland. Sure there were these occasional shouts and screams when someone scored a goal but I really did not feel the spirit of teamwork, competitiveness, and perseverance. I could only feel the aura of boredom looming around the campus. It even shocked me to have experienced serenity and peace in the once overpopulated and earsplitting hang-outs of the campus.

Maybe the intramurals wasn’t boring after all. Perhaps the students already had fun staying at their homes pleasuring themselves from the break from classes. And for the few students who cheered, maybe it was already enough for them to soak in the scorching rays of the sun, cheering for the mud-covered players giving their all to win. Another very good reason why the intramurals wouldn’t be boring may be because I only saw the boring part of the intramurals. I’m sure that the Cheer Dance Competition at the end of the Intramural Days would be more exciting. Over all, the intramurals was not bad at all, it just needed some zest and more participation on the students' part.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Nerds as defined by Fr. Xrysz (I'm one of them!)

xrysz, sj: "Richie Fernando Class is "sui generis." One can understand them only from within. They will remain incomprehensible in the eyes of an outsider... They have their own place in history... they shall shape destiny... I am privileged to have some sporadic glimpses to the stirrings in their souls... the groaning of their desires... shedding of their tears... the whimpering of their fears... I am so blessed experiencing their unpretentious doubt, anger, cruelty... things that they show only to those whom they allow to be part of their "orbit existentialle." If "nerds" means "hopelessly studious, intellectual, speculative, page-eating individuals," these people do not deserve the title.... but if by "nerds" we refer to "people who experience life to the fullest, and learn to love their humanity with its pains and joys, failures and triumphs, folly and wisdom... and in the end choose that which is true, good and beautiful," then ~dara, rap, sweet, maxine, mikh, edgar, nerissa, bernie, kirbz, jo_blanc, mirandz, charm, cars, xtine, jboy, jowee, kc, dale, migz, nice, chikay, michael, edz, xta, deeka, neil, kaye, dj, eloise, mike, mark, karen, jiggy, demi, chee, popo, andre, sherrz, jux, blah, rosie, donnskie, 88, mampi, chloe, beaver, charles, richie~ad maiorem natus sum!"

ShIrox's very interesting profile an blog...

I saw a very interesting blog!
NEWSFLASH!!! Upon my very investigative investigation (wahahaha) I have found out who Shirox is. Here is his short profile...

Age: 17
Gender: male
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Zodiac Year:: Rabbit
Industry: Government
Occupation: IT Student / Drummer
Location: Singapore : East : Singapore
About Me: go to http://www.a-l-l-a-n.blogspot.com to find out.
Interests: Drumming reading blogging photography music computer games Vodka ...
Favorite Movies: Forrest Gump The Lion King The Bone Collector Back to the future Ray ...
Favorite Music: Dir En Grey X-japan Malice Mizer Taking back sunday Saosin Sum 41 Green Day Finch Transplants.

This short profile simply gives us a blurry picture of who this guy is. He's so cool! You should visit his blog and learn more. He's still a working student, he says that he's happy to recieve but his parents are not so happy about giving. He likes death as shown by this short but very disturbing and inspirational poem:

Love me, my razor blade. Peel my skin, make me scream. Sink so deep, make me weep. Cut my flesh, make me bleed. Take my life, set me free.

I for one am very moved by his words. He may use vulgarities in his blog but here is his reason: "It is part of life. why do your armpits stink? because it is part of life so learn to live with it. i have a fucking boring life. i have no life. i'm worse than a nerd who digs his books everyday. i don't even have anything to dig into. OMG."

A very intelligent mind indeed. Very hard working, a compoter addict (hehehe), an artist (music), and a true blood Asian.

An update of my life... from where I left of...

I don't really get to post these days. Nursing is so demanding. it takes your time, money, and strength! I'm already so stressed out that I don't think straight anymore. Well Nursing is ok at times, especially when I get high grades wahaha... I won't post my grades na... People might say I'm a bit showy but I love my midterm grades! I just don't know how my final grades would look like, I wish that somehow they would still look the same! I'm having a hard time consolidating my posts between my blog and the tataknerd.blogspot.com blog. I'll try to post on both every time i'm online. nothing really special is happening in my life... just study, sleep, eat, and test. With a dash of projects i haven't done yet! I feel that i'm only a step away from losing my self! I'm becoming crazier by the moment. I'll end my very late post here. I have to finish my IMP work that my group mates are not helping me in!
Here's the story... I still have my essays to knit together and proof read, damn groupmates! Grr! They always let me do all the work! I should resign as team leader and let them do the thinking and planning and I won't cooperate so that they could feel the difficulty I'm going through. As in if they really wanted to be journalists then they should have the passion for it. They should have the initiative to write articles about the output they got from their interviews and area works! And if I tell them to do something it turns out mediocre! Where is MAGIS!!! GRRRR! Imagine, they write an article or whatever and then they give it to me in a draft paper?! Hello! Do you expect me to encode your work for you! It would be Ok if I didn't have other articles to edit! I plan of telling them my problem but I don't think that they can handle my wrath!!!! (Horns growing out of head by now)... I could resign but I fear that our work will be shit. Sorry, I do hope my group mates don't get to read this... But not all my group mates are lazy and undependable. It so happens that we don't get to see each other during ordinary school days.