Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Change of Pace

I can't believe that it's almost three weeks since I've last updated my blog. I have no excuse for my absence except admit that I was too lazy to blog and that I've wasted most of my time playing Dragon Age: Origins.

I know, MLIA. That's "my life is average" for you people who aren't cool enough to know what MLIA is. I know that you were thinking that MLIA stands for "my life is awesome" because I'm pretty awesome myself but no, it stands for average because my life is average. I'm not really complaining because, believe it or not, I do love the way my life is right now... except that I want more money.

Speaking of shopping and school, I have already went scrub shopping. Scrubs are the clothes that health professionals wear in the hospital by the way. It was so hard to find scrubs for men but women had so many designs and sizes to choose from. It was a bit frustrating but I guess this just shows how men in nursing are underrepresented.

Anyhoo, fall is fast approaching and that means that I'm finally going back to school again. I'm not a big fan of school but if it means not being at work selling stuff, then I prefer school over work anytime. Speaking of work, I did apply as a psychiatric aide because I wanted to escape from the retail world but sadly I failed the interview miserably. This failure hasn't stopped me from intensely applying for jobs in the hospital. On the other hand, I did add another job description to my current job. I am now a "sales operator". Basically I answer phones and recommend products on the phone, it's actually harder than you think especially if you have to intercept every single call that was intended for the different departments in the store.

I've actually been proud of myself because I have refrained from being a hermit and have actually decided to go out with friends for either a movie or dinner. Going out would mean spending money which I don't have but I can't just help it. At least I get to converse with other people and be informed of the latest gossips and news such as beauty pageant Venus Raj's "major major failure". Like seriously, I don't want to judge her but I found her being too cocky to say she didn't have any major major mistakes in her life or any mistakes for that matter. Well I guess in the future, she can use this event as her major major mistake.

My friends and I also talked about the hostage taking incident that occurred just before the pageant. The Philippine National Police just disgraced the entire Philippines in front of the entire world by showing their incompetence and cowardice. The situation could have been handled better and it wouldn't have resulted in the death of 8 Hong Kong tourists. Just look at these idiots taking pictures after the incident. I guess it is already cool to show off that one is an epic failure.

On the brighter side of things, at least the Philippines is getting media attention.

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