Thursday, August 5, 2010

Having One of Those Days

I'm just being bitter right now because I don't like working too hard. I was just pondering upon how my life turned out to be this way. I guess I was young and stupid and I wanted to buy expensive, shiny things which I couldn't afford (well I could afford them but I won't have money left).

I hate to admit it but buying a big ass SUV is not the smartest thing that I've done. I can partly blame my mom for pressuring me into buying my Outlander with the false promise of paying half of it. I just wanted a cheap car that I could use to get anywhere I wanted, but my mom wanted something brand new, something that has an AWD, and something big. I never wanted my Mitsubishi Outlander, I wanted a cheap Chevrolet Aveo but my mom called the shots and I ended up working part time at retail while being a full time nursing student, which isn't a good combination by the way. I'm just glad that I'm a bit smart so I've been passing my courses with flying colours. 

I'm just stressed... I know that I'm well qualified to get a job at the hospital but they only have full time positions. Oh well... life goes on I guess.

Picture credits to Gerry Moth
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