Thursday, August 5, 2010

Having One of Those Days

I'm just being bitter right now because I don't like working too hard. I was just pondering upon how my life turned out to be this way. I guess I was young and stupid and I wanted to buy expensive, shiny things which I couldn't afford (well I could afford them but I won't have money left).

I hate to admit it but buying a big ass SUV is not the smartest thing that I've done. I can partly blame my mom for pressuring me into buying my Outlander with the false promise of paying half of it. I just wanted a cheap car that I could use to get anywhere I wanted, but my mom wanted something brand new, something that has an AWD, and something big. I never wanted my Mitsubishi Outlander, I wanted a cheap Chevrolet Aveo but my mom called the shots and I ended up working part time at retail while being a full time nursing student, which isn't a good combination by the way. I'm just glad that I'm a bit smart so I've been passing my courses with flying colours. 

I'm just stressed... I know that I'm well qualified to get a job at the hospital but they only have full time positions. Oh well... life goes on I guess.

Picture credits to Gerry Moth


  1. Hang in there it will get are not alone in feeling like this, many others are too...feeling kind of overwhelmed right now with too much work and not enough play

  2. Hey! Salamat sa dalaw at sa comment. It's the first time na may spammer sa blog ko...isa lang naman but she/he kept leaving comments about lingerie last night...parang lahat ata ng posts ko eh mag co comment sya so I disabled the comment button muna. I'll probably reverse that today.

    Anong balita? I see that this post was a few weeks ago so maybe things are better na? Di na depress? Sana naman hindi na....

    O siya....keep on chugging along. Alam mo goes on, di ba?

    Ate J

  3. Ed you have to stop changing your URL! My Blogroll keeps losing your site... T_T Anyway, AWESOME site here! AWESOME LAYOUT TOO! But... my Blogroll can't read it for some reason... do you have an original address?