Saturday, May 8, 2010

Staying In Control of Life

Before I went back to school, I always complained how my life was derailed and how slow and aimless my life was. Now that I have everything that I've wanted (school, new job, new life), everything seems to be happening so fast and I'm afraid I can't just keep up with it.

I'm not really stressed out as I am able to cope with everything but the frequent bombardment of stress is taking a toll on my insanity.
I don't want my life to be derailed again so I need to take control of my life right now. I need to take a moment and reflect upon the things that stresses me out.

Here are a couple of things that stress me out:
  1. Filipinos who can't mind their own business
  2. Stupid customers.
  3. Money Issues.
I would love to put "school" as the number four stressor in my life but it actually isn't. I just realized that from all of the things in this world, it is studying that I have control over. It is my own actions, choices, and motivation that could spell my own success or failure. I have the power over my studies and I will not let anyone take this away from me.

These days I've been complacent about my studies. I've been getting the same grades as everyone (B's) but I know that if I really studied then I would have gotten a better mark. I haven't been motivated enough to study lately but things are going to change from now on. I will make the things that stress me out as my motivation for me to study more and succeed in my studies.

Life is unpredictable, but I am glad that I have at least one thing that I could take control of.

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