Saturday, April 3, 2010

Working in Retail Sucks Rant

Working in retail doesn't really suck that much (working at fast food sucks more). My job isn't my dream job but I love working at my store since I work with great people (co-workers and SOME customers) and it helps pay for my car bills and other expenses for school.

The only thing that sucks in retail (most people who works in retail will agree with me on this one) are some weird, stupid, arrogant, obnoxious, bitchy customers. There are so many things that happen in retail that you'll never ever imagine could happen in real life. I'm pretty sure that my experiences aren't as bad as other retail associates had experienced before but I'll share some of them anyway:

> I hate it when you ask someone if they need any help and then they say "NO". Seconds later when you're already helping another customer they demand that they be helped or they complain because no one is helping them. You're not the queen of the world bitch, wait your turn. You had your chance to be helped when I asked you if you needed help. 

> I hate it when someone asks me, "Do you work here?" or "Do you know anything about this?". I'd love to just say, "Are you retarded?". Like I'm wearing the uniform and duh, I know what I'm selling. 

> I hate it when people complain why the prices are too high. Well I don't know, I just sell them I'm not the one who controls the trend in the market and I'm definitely not the one who decides on the prices. Besides, not a single business will sell their goods and services below cost. No one runs a business to lose money.

> I hate it when people demand for a discount (especially brown people). I don't work for commission so even if you don't buy anything from me, I still get paid. And this isn't the market place, this is a retail store so no. Demanding to ask the manager for a price drop won't work either. Just pick up your cheap ass and leave. Go to the dollar store or something. 

> I hate it when people act all high and mighty (especially male and old white people, and some Filipinos). I don't care if you're rich or if you have a fucking business or whatsoever. I never asked, and your card just got declined bitch. Where's your million dollars now? 

> I hate cheap people. PERIOD. If you did see that cheaper in another store then go shop there instead, no one is stopping you. Stop complaining why our prices are higher than the ones the other store is selling. Well are they even the same model. They may look the same but they're not.

> I hate it when people start opening products. No one will fucking buy them now since they're opened. Oh yeah this reminds me of those two Asians who wanted me to bring each and every box down because they "think" that the boxes are opened. Each and every single box up there is identical to this one. If you're looking for a box that's perfect and free of dents and scratches then good luck finding one.

> I hate people who asks for your opinion but then become defensive when it goes against theirs. If you don't want my suggestion then don't ask for it.

> I hate it when people ask really stupid questions; questions that they don't really care if you know the right answer but they just want to piss you off for some unknown reason.

> I hate it when people demand that they should be given a gift card or something because the product that they're looking for is out of stock. Well sorry your highness but did it ever occur to you that you're not the only person who has money and wants that? The flyer absolutely said "no rainchecks" so try being a princess at another store.
    I have several other experiences but those bad experiences are counterbalanced by meeting real nice people who really appreciate the help and great service that I give to them. Follow the golden rule people. If you want good service then be respectful. Being a bitch won't get you first class service.


    1. Oh man I hear you. It is always the same especially on a holiday weekend when people, it seems have to be twice as rude to you just because you are working and they are not...and they are three times as demanding and they always want more for less...If you can't afford to buy it stay home and save...and then there are those people that just have to have the display model when you are sold out of an item, even when you tell them that it isn't for sale...they look at you as if you are if I care...then they want to see the manager etc etc etc Man oh man if you can't treat people with a little respect and you can't be nice stay the hell home

    2. LOL! The funny thing is, the bitchy people who demands attention are the ones who don't have money to pay for it in the first place.