Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cancun Travel Unlimited SCAM!!!

I just received a call from +8888763708 at 9 PM. They claimed to be a company called Cancun Travel Unlimited. I spoke with a Jasper Lopez who introduced himself as the president of the said company. He gave out his agent reference number as 652475L85. 

They told me that they got my number from my cousin from Saskatoon and that they currently had a 75% discount on their travel package for Cancun, Mexico for 5 days and an additional 4 days to Orlando, Florida. I will be staying at a 5 star hotel and the package has no black outs and is good until 2014. The package is good for 2 adults and 2 children only for the low price of US$ 498.

I almost gave out my credit card number if it weren't for the thought that came into my mind: "If it's too good to be true, then it's a scam!" My gut feeling was right because as soon as I said I'll think about it he told me that he can't give me the offer again and other lame excuses he made up. I firmly said that I think I'll just pass on the offer and the bastard just hung up on me with an annoyed tone. 

What the hell?! I checked out the website he gave me, www.sunsethotels.net, and it had SCAM, FAKE, FRAUD, SWINDLE written all over it. I then did a little snooping on the phone number that they used to call me and guess what I found? People who were stupid enough to trust these swindlers because they were "fellow Filipinos": 800notes, whocallsme, and  ripoffreport 

Turns out that one lady gave out her credit card for a US$100 vacation package and she was charged $500! She now is currently dealing with her credit card company to get her money back.

Fortunately there are people who like me will NEVER give out their credit card number online: nakedknitgirl 

Seriously! I was on the CRTC Do Not Call List and I've already filed a complaint against this company. I'm not sure if the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission has jurisdiction over a Philippine based company but this issue should be resolved soon.

This incident only made me more cautious when dealing with Filipinos. They try to draw you in with small talk to gain your trust and then steal your money when you turn your back. Shame on you Cancun Travel Unlimited and the lowlifes who make up this company.


  1. Unfortunately there are lots of scams like this stemming from all walks of life and all countries I had a similar experience last year only these people were persistent and persuasive...however I make it a point never to give out credit card information...if you wish to know just how many scams are out there go to scambusters.com and sign up for their newsletter

  2. hi, i was just wondering about this bcoz we got an offer for a job and the training is still ongoing we have the script and its from cancun travel unlimited is what is listed on the script. they gave us a website i tried searching it on the net and no website found. i tried googling cancun travel and got a lot of hits for scams and such. i didnt know that this is what they do to scam people and agents that they hire such as me doesnt even know that what we are doing is wrong. its good that i have googled it atleast i know what to do next. and the other filipino agents, i know they dont have any idea what they were getting into bec theyre being paid by commision so all they think about is to get a sale.

  3. I have just got a call like this. I am experienced with this type of fraud. The main thing is to watch for words such as “free, right now, privileged, value save package deal and "you will see our credentials on this website if you open it", you will see it with your naked eyes and etc.” No way!!! Do not even think about “pay it right now!!” They kept me on the phone for 5-7 minutes because I was surprised they knew my name and my family info…They call you and they are well prepared. But you have to be ready NOT to trust!


  5. This comment by donna_ganda is amusing. I love it when they blow up like this. Anyway yes people, I use expedia.ca or travelocity.ca when I book flights and hotels. It's hard to trust these small unknown companies.