Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blog Spring Cleaning

I actually planned to redesign my blog layout during my one week of freedom from school but I never planned to update my domain name as well. I just checked my blog yesterday and found out that my domain has already expired.

I could just buy the domain name again since it's already been released, right? Wrong! It so happened that, my previous hosting company, has denied the transfer of my domain name to my current hosting company and renewed it for another year in their name (UPDATE: They gave me the EPP Key to transfer my domain but they still didn't release the lock on my domain name). Talk about being down right dirty. I had spent two years of my life making sure that that particular domain name that they have stolen from me obtains a page rank of 4. I'm just glad that this current domain that I'm using also has a page rank of 4 so I'm not really starting from a page rank of 0. I even tried to offer them money but Technographx just clearly wants me to suffer because I chose not to pay for hosting which I didn't needed in the first place.

I still have a lot to do to tidy up this blog of mine but before I do anymore cleaning, I should better start cleaning my study first since it's a total mess.

Hope to update you guys soon!


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  1. Duh! I obviously didn't read [this, maybe?]first before I posted my shout out...bwa hahaha.

    Yan ang epekto ng walang tigil na paglalakad without any destination....hahaha...

    O siya...I have to walk back na...I walked from my blog to here...o di ba?

    Ate J