Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Moment

As you all may have probably noticed, I'm a very lazy blogger. I am a procrastinator and a bum (I actually have work and school so that technically doesn't make me a bum, but I am LOL!). The only real times where I am able to write heartfelt and really well-thought posts is when I'm paid for it inspired to do so. Every now and then I get so engaged with my thoughts that I just think about them and when ever I deem it important or worthwhile I write about them in my blog. 

A blog for me is a way of expressing my self: a channel  for anger and happiness. Blogging helps me relieve the stress I encounter in every day life and it also helps me write "scholarly" as I always do research before writing anything (especially my nursing related posts, but I sometimes fail to cite my sources).

I have my moments when I just want to sit in a corner and type away all my feelings and thoughts but once that moment is gone blogging seems like a chore than something I enjoy...

The moment is gone... END

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