Friday, March 12, 2010

Intellectual Rights

If you have visited my blog earlier this week or the weeks before, you would actually notice that my two blog posts about euthanasia and a comparative essay between Shooting an Elephant and A Modest Proposal has been deleted. No, no one deleted them because only I can delete them and no one requested or asked me to delete them. Well the last statement is partly true.

It so happened that those two entries were my papers for my nursing and English subjects. My teacher found them here on my blog and she told me that I should be careful about posting my papers online since someone could actually steal my ideas. Although at first I thought that having someone plagiarize my work would be awesome since it means that my paper was good enough to be copied. It then dawned on me that I might be the one charged with plagiarism and then they could keep all the credit. That would really suck.

This is the main reason why people should place patents on their products and acquire copyrights to their works. Take a look at James Cameron who is being criticized for plagiarism.For someone who took several years to create a movie and be accused of plagiarism is very hard. I don`t know the entire story behind this so I won`t comment that much.

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