Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reaching Out for Your Dreams

It is never too late for anyone to go back to school to pursue their careers that they really are passionate in. Take for example my friend who I used to work with before. She had a beauty career as a hairstylist before when she was still in Bosnia and now she is temporarily working at a fast-food joint in the mean time. Of course no one in their right minds would want to work in fast-food their entire life especially for a young lady in her 20's so she took the big step and enrolled in a beauty program. You may not believe it but hair dressers actually have to go to school to be able to cut your hair or make you look glamorous. 

My friend actually wanted to follow in my foot steps and wanted to do something to improve her current lifestyle and she wants to do something that will actually make her happy. I totally support her plans and that's why I told her to check out school ratings to help her decide on what school to choose from. There are several schools out there but not every school offer a competitive and and sought-after programs.

I actually found my perfect match for a nursing school online as I was doing my college surfing. And at last I will be able to finally start my nursing program this coming January and I am really looking forward to it. With these huge steps that my friend and I took, we are closer to our dreams than what we have have hoped for.

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