Monday, December 7, 2009

Dark and Twisty Inside

Positive thoughts! Joy and sparkle! Reese chocolates! Yes you heard me right, I need chocolates and ice cream to make me happy. It's unfortunate that I have to turn to food for joy and comfort but I just can't help it if I suffer bouts of depression and self loath.

But I always bounce right back. Uh oh... don't tell me that my current work is becoming a flashback of effing Tim Hortons... nah it's just that I see douche bags wherever I go. Geez...

Ok positive thoughts...

On the bright side, January is fast approaching and I'm pretty happy about that! I'm not excited of the holidays by the way since I work in retail so there's going to be plenty of Christmas shoppers and I'm not liking the sound of that. I could quit but seriously, working for 3 months then just quitting will really make my credit history shaky.

Lol! Dark and twisty!
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