Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Pissed Off!

Damn that Jesse Fabia! He has the audacity to pick a fight with me! Me! Compared to me he is just a freaking fetus! An unaccomplished failure of a human being! How dare he slander me when I was showing compassion to a friend who was deeply wounded and was hurting. I wasn't interacting with him and I was in a private conversation when this scum butts in and tries to ruin my effing day!

Guess what you freaking douche bag, bring it on! I'm in the mood for a good fight. Damn him! I don't even know him and the only reason that we're acquainted was because of his stupid brother. It's not my fault that he and my best friend had to break up. Well I tried to break them up at first because I know that he was a sex-deprived freak, but it was my best friend who dumped his sorry piece of ass!
She dumped him out of her own free will, several months after I gave her the ultimatum to choose between me or him, which by the way she never chose anyone. But seriously that happened decades ago and he had to bring it up. Fucking retard!

I am pissed off because I was asking my best friend if her break-up with this other guy was true. I was in a state of shock because everyone thought that their relationship would lead to marriage.  Even I thought that they would get married straight after college because their relationship was  just perfect and beautiful. And then this vile human being (more like a troll) has to stick his ugly head and say, "sure bayot (gay)". What the hell is that? His comment was off-topic, offensive, and completely showed his limited range of vocabulary. Not to mention that his comment didn't make any sense at all and had bad sentence structure. Even a 10 year old could compose a more eloquent statement. But that idiot just failed miserably.

I know that I should have ignored him like we should all do to internet trolls but this was really personal so no, I will not back down and I will fight. I'm through being a goody-good-nice-fellow because I'll only end up as road kill. He wants war? Then I'll give him one he'll never forget. I'll make sure that my words would stick to his puny little brain until he takes his last breathe of air!

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