Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging Again

It has been months since my last blog. It isn’t surprising though since I don’t need to vent all my anger perhaps even my misery on the net since I’m now able to handle some of my everyday frustrations.

So why am I blogging right now you ask? Well let’s just say I’m in the mood to talk some nonsense and Jake Long the American Dragon has inspired me to write.

So many days have gone and passed and so many things have happened. So many that I find it tiring to talk about all of them… but I’ll make a lazy summary of all that has transpired in my life in a silly list:

  1. I was able to deliver and assist in a real delivery of a baby plus even did cord care to 4 babies consecutively!
  2. Finals are over and Davao here I come for my psychiatric affiliation.
  3. I quit being vice-president for the 3rd Year Level student council.
  4. My friend JM finally went to live in the states.
  5. KC is sick…
  6. I still hate people
  7. I love my puppy Missy
  8. I’m actually playing an online game
  9. I love anime… currently waiting for more Naruto episodes
  10. I’m naughty… such a shame
  11. I got drunk before an exam…
  12. I’m lazy and I hate it
  13. I love money
  14. I’m bored
  15. I still love food

Hmm… actually I’m finally at the point where I am once again faced with the big question of what am I doing and why am I doing what I do now… Where am I heading and if life is worth the suffering huhuhu.

I hate my blogs they are so pathetic hahaha. Oh well, on with my life…

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