Sunday, September 30, 2007

Singing Blunders

People don’t actually know this but I have this incredible talent for singing (well it’s the only talent I have aside from being sarcastic, if being sarcastic is a talent). I really love singing, I feel that I am able to express my self through singing. It’s just a shame that people don’t have taste and can’t appreciate how a great singer I am hahaha.

I actually have been able to sing in front of a big audience. My singing career all began when I was still a young boy and I already sang in front of everyone inside a huge gym. Well I was still lip synchronizing and I was half boy and half girl at that time, if you understand the concept of singing both the guy and girl part (doble cara people… you know 2 faced?!). It was for a talent portion of a pageant (see I was born for greatness hahaha, I won 6 trophies). I also sang at school but my great talent was suppressed when I was in high school. I sang for the choir in first year after passing the audition with my singing style. But it was frustrating when my second year music teacher couldn’t comprehend my great talent in singing and my wonderful voice.

So here we are the present… I did try to redeem my self in college, trying to sing whenever there is a chance. I sang in KC’s debut, during English class, and could you believe I even sang infront of the class during Chemistry? Try to make the connection between chemistry and singing.

But some of my performances were not as perfect as one would expect of a genius that I am (hehehe). I am not proud to say but I did have several blunders. And here they are:

  1. You think Christian Bautista was outrageously funny for forgetting the lines of the national anthem, well I forgot the lines of my school’s Xavier Hymn during 2 auditions… but come to think of it, why the hell did I sing the school song in an audition? What was I thinking?! I actually didn’t know if I got in or not hehehe… I lost interest in it. Plus I didn’t have the time.
  2. I sang infront of 100 people in class the “My toes, my knees, my shoulder, my head” song… such shame…
  3. I sang “Above All” in the community… You think I was emoting during the said prayer song… but the truth is I forgot the lines… major shame.
  4. Another stupid song that I sang in the community: “May pato kong patuka-tuka, pakiwi-kiwi, pakuway-kuway…” with the matching actions people!!! Gosh why do I bring shame unto myself…
  5. Did you know that I joined Pinoy Pop Superstar?! You ask why you didn’t see me on TV during the auditions? Well the truth is, I went to SM for the auditions but realized while waiting in line that my classy talent is unfit to be seen in that circus (hehehe).

I wonder if singing is really for me. People say that I have a nice voice and said I’m good in singing but wooh, things have been discouraging hehehe.

Maybe I’ll just concentrate on my second talent… being sarcastic? Nope. Acting… hehehe.

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