Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I Make My Life

Never allow anyone to hold your happiness... This statement keeps on hitting me on the face but I always fail to notice it. Come on! I give up! I won't let love ruin my life! Like I'm smart, I do have looks, and I have a bright future ahead of me! Why enslave my self over someone who does not even care that I exist. Ok! I always search for happiness that I already have but I just keep on taking it for granted. Like come on! Why do I make a problem out of nothing right? Well I'm just hurt so bad and I don't understand why. Why do I have to meet the person who I thought would spend with me my love and life and in the end just disappear all of a sudden. Fine! It was a fling but sana naman I was warned and told that it was all over. Like I still have communication naman sa kanya but maybe its my fault for always assuming. Me and my assumptions!!! But its not my ex-love's fault. It's my fault. Stupid heart!!! But I survived with out this person in my life... so I'll still live. I'll even be happier!
Today is hell... I have to study for Philosophy, Politicaql Science, Religious Studies, and I have to do a stupid Filipino homework! Hay naku! Stress!!! But instead of making me go crazy, I'll use this stress to drice me more into being productive!

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