Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cofee Matters!

I just love coffee! I really believe that coffee is a student’s best friend! With out coffee I wouldn’t have survived high school and hopefully I will also survive college with coffee. Why do I believe that coffee should be my best friend? Well for one thing I usually study at 1 in the morning so I should have something that would keep me awake and that’s coffee. I really love this style of studying because it really suits me. If I studied other than that time, I am either tired or sleepy. So I sleep early and wake up early. And if I finished my assignments and my studying early then I go back to sleep if there is still time. Coffee I simply love you! And I think many people would agree with me if I say that coffee is a necessity. Have you seen the cafes and coffee shops that just mushroomed everywhere? It is said that coffee is the most drank beverage around the world! It’s great that coffee lovers are ensured of a steady supply of the heavenly concoction which is coffee.

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