Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Me and my stand on PDA

It is very disturbing when I see some students doing PDA or Public Display of Affection. I can bear to see people holding hands and all but what I saw was just disgusting. I really felt somehow offended to be an audience to such a display of such gross behavior that is so unbecoming of an Atenean. This really did not happen today but it just sprang out of my mind and I am clue less why this happened. I believe that it happened last Monday when I accompanied my friend and blockmate, Rhea, at PACT/S. I went to the fountain near the MBA Office and I waited in line. It so happened that there was this couple who was also in line. The girl was drinking and then the guy just grabbed the girls behind. I was the one who had this hysterical reaction which was a bit ironic for the girl just remained calm and just smiled at the guy. I froze for a moment and thought if they even realize that there was a minor behind them, and to think they were also minors. They were juniors I think. This event will really remind me not to engage in PDA if I am in a relationship, especially the type of PDA that I saw.

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  1. hey edgar. :) i agree with you. haha. here sa ateneo, everywhere! grabe. :) super. :) haha! like, it becomes part of the usual school day. ang weird, ang babae pa ang umuuna. gets? yuckee... i remember the time when i saw you and eloise holding hands sa open shed. hahah... :P oops. hey, comement ka sa blog ko ha. :) http://princessacheenee.blogspot.com :) thanks!


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