Thursday, May 12, 2005

Web Information: Reliable or Not?

I am a proud owner of a Nokia 6260. Hey it's a wonderful phone! I don't want to advertise or anything, you can go to and search for the specifications and the amazing capabilities of this phone. It kust bothers me that a site that I found said that it doesn't have radio, an MP3 player, and it's only has polyphonic tones. Well it's wrong! Totally wrong! I forgot the site and I don't want to destroy that site, I just want to say that the Nokia 6260 has every thing that I have mentioned. My warning to all, do not always beleive what a site might be advertising or implying! Make sure that the sight is reliable. The internet may not always be the source of right information if we don't know were to find this right information. It is recommended to go to trusted sites or sites were many have already tried and tested that site. Just a friendly reminder from the friendly me.

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