Monday, August 16, 2004

Why Does Loving Someone Hurt? Unconditional Love?

Yehey! For the second time I have written here something about me! I'll write something longer the next time!

Okay, let's talk about love. Have you ever loved someone yet you know that that person will never really love you back? Well that is how I feel! This person that I love will be hidden under the name, Babyface. Besides, I really don't know her name. I just always see her at school during lunch time. She's so cute and so white and flawless. She really looks like a baby and that what attracted me to her. She is a goddess that had come down to heaven to make me suffer likje this. She is from 2-Brebeuf of Xavier University High School. (by the way, please visit and be my friend, It hurts me becuase I am madly deeply and crazily in love with this person. Imagine, I asked someone to take her picture using a friend's Nokia 7250 because I can't stand a day with out me loooking at her pic. Maybe i'll ask someone to take her picture with my digicam so that I don't have to bother and irritate my friend, Miranda everday.

Unconditional love, you love someone even if that person does not love you back. I'm really crazy... why am I so head over heels for this person? Uuurgh! Help me! Why can't you just be able to tell the person you love everything? Maybe the fear of rejection? Babyface! I sooooo love you! Aaah!

You really are so perfect... Sorry if I'm boring you okay? The next time I'll post something here I'll make sure that other people can relate. Thanks for reading. E-mail me or anything or if you ever want to add your comments or stories or what ever to this blog just tell me!

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