Monday, August 31, 2009


I didn't know how to react to what this girl said to me at work the other day. I didn't know whether to be angry for her sarcasm or if she was only trying to be funny. She and her friends were at work and she asked if we needed any lockers, "You can put stuff inside and lock it," as she said. If I wasn't in a good mood or if their group weren't nice I would show her real sarcasm.

Anyway, yes they started telling us that they could give us a great deal because they had just helped fix up a school nearby and they had old school lockers. I wasn't really interested in the whole locker idea but when I started thinking about it our staff room could use a locker for us "to put our stuff and lock it".

I guess those guys are trying to sell those old wood lockers for them to raise enough funds to buy new gym lockers. I have to admit that those kids are really doing something great for the community and I applaud them for it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blame it on the Philippine Economy & Government

Honestly, I hate my life. I feel that I am the most unsuccessful loser on the face of the planet. I feel so unaccomplished and I feel like killing myself. That's right, I am sick of being someone who has nothing to be proud of except my mom and her accomplishments.

If I only knew... If I had the power to predict that I would waste one year of my life working at a store where my entire human dignity will be chewed and spat out I would have never left the beautiful life that I had. Sure I didn't afford stuff that I wanted and we didn't have a car in the Philippines but I had something that I can be proud of. I was a student at one of the best university in the Philippines. I was praised as being one of the smartest and considered as a student leader... but all of that is meaningless now... I'm just a loser...

My whole life is being challenged. My beliefs and my self worth is being shaken... The strong foundation that I have built through the years of studying well and trying to make academic and even social accomplishments are now easily uprooted and thrown into the abyss. I have nothing... I was an educated person, but once I set foot on Canada my education and my everything is deemed uncompetitive and inferior as compared to Canadian standards.

I hate being gloomy about the entire thing... I especially hate being gloomy about my life in front of my mom. I feel bad because I feel like I'm blaming her for what's happening to me... or rather, what's not happening to me. But I don't blame my mom. She meant well and she never expected this either to happen to me. If there was anyone to blame, it would be the Philippine economy and the government.

That's right! It's the Philippine economy and the Philippine government that should be blamed for my current situation. If the Philippines was like Canada, no one would ever leave the country and everyone would live a good life because everything can be afforded. I hate the stupid politicians and the idiot people who elected them and then complain about it. Seriously, after Ferdinand Marcos everything went downhill. Schools depicts Marcos as an evil corrupt man but for me he was the one that has built a great foundation for a better future but all these foundations where discontinued by Cory Aquino and even the projects of Marcos that could have benefited a lot where stopped because it was the project of the man she hates, how selfish and thoughtless.

I have so many dreams and goals... I wanted to be a great person who could contribute something to man kind... but being born in the Philippines has greatly injured my chances... I don't hate my mother land but I'm just very frustrated right now...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Climb

Lyrics | Miley Cyrus lyrics - The Climb lyrics

I just love this song from Miley Cyrus! I'm not really a big fan of her (or a fan in fact) but when I heard this song I started to think that this girl does have the ability to inspire people. I can really relate to this song because right now I am dealing with so many stress, frustrations, and self-pity because I'm having great difficulty getting into college.

There are so many times that I've thinking of ending my suffering but I just had to remind myself that everyone has encountered life-altering problems in their lives and that they are able to get through it. My problem isn't that big if you look at it from another angle. I just have to wait it out and be patient because it just happened that there was no space in the program right now but I am eligible for admission.

Back to The Climb. If you read along the lyrics it tells us that there will be mountains after the mountain we are facing now. Life will be difficult but we can do it. I am especially captivated by the line "Ain't about how fast we get there". We all have desires that we want to achieve but we have to accept the fact that there are times that we are slowed down or redirected away from our goal but surely we can still reach it.

There were these 2 nice old Filipino couple, who are now retired and just enjoying the fruits of the many years that they have worked hard, who told me that I am still young and I still have so many things that I can accomplish. I was very happy when they called me "baby" when I told them that I was 21. I was glad to hear that they still think that I am still able to be who I want to be.

"And I, I gotta be strong. Just keep pushing on.... It's the climb!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Way to Blog

I just bought an iPhone app called BlogPress which you may have already guessed is a blogging app.

I just thought that I might be able to use this while I'm on the road and I suddenly think of something to blog. I think that this a great idea because I sometimes am too lazy to make a post so my great idea for a blog entry becomes a thing of the past and is forgotten just like that. Anyway I have to keep this short because I have to get to work. I have to make a separate post for my rant. LOL!

-- Post From My iPhone
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