Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eating My Bibingka

Call me a little piggy but I really love food. I sometimes forget the world once my palates are kept happy with bursting flavors of goodness.

One of the things that I am proud of and love as a Filipino is our food. I may sound biased but I really enjoy our food. Sure there a lot of Filipino dishes that are influenced by other cultures but still I love them anyway.

Anyway, I have to stop blogging now so that I can fully enjoy my bibingka (it's just like rice pudding) that Ate Elen (my supervisor from work) had generously given me. She loves cooking and I love eating! What a perfect match made in heaven LOL!

7-Year Old Driving A Car

Most people would find this story funny but having a 7-year old driving a car at speeds of 70 km/hour is like having an unmanned aircraft crash land into your neighborhood.

Quebec Police sure didn't find anything hilarious with this incident. The parents and other family members in the Honda CR-V that the 7-year old was driving weren't wearing seatbelts so they could have been seriously injured or worst killed. Although they were driving in an old country road with no other motorists or people, a deer could have just darted out of no where and they could have all been badly hurt if the collision occurred.

Since the child is a minor and can't be legally charged, his parents face criminal charges and they could risk losing their son to child protective services.

There have been many videos of young children driving cars on busy roads on YouTube and one question runs through my head, "What are their parents thinking?!". That is if their parents were actually thinking.

There are already a lot of bad drivers on the road so I don't want to worry about drivers who can't even reach the pedals.


How Long Have You Been Here?

I don't want to sound elitist but I really dislike being asked "How long have you been here for?" or "Matagal ka na ba dito?" in Tagalog.

I really find no sense in this question. Why do you need to ask a complete stranger this question? I'm sorry but I have absolutely no intentions of informing a complete stranger my entire life story because my life is my own personal business and there is absolutely no need for you to know who I am, what I am, or what my worth is.

Seriously, the only reason that someone would ask this question is to gauge one's seniority or superiority over someone. So when a Filipino asks another Filipino the question, "How long have you been here?", he/she is actually asking, "Do you already have a house, a car, and lots of money?".

My mom once told me about her experience while she was on a bus on her way to work. She was just minding her own business when a group of Filipino women comes to her and starts a conversation with her. They then ask the same old questions like "How long have you been here?" and "What's your job and how much do you make?".

Why can't Filipinos just live their own effing lives and stop with their comparing and being nosey. I once heard someone comment how come we already bought our own house and car when we've only been here for less than a year. This really burst my bubble. So this person means that just because we're new here in Canada we have no right to buy things that we can afford? Then we're labeled "mayabang" or "cocky" just because we go on buying things that were only "reserved" or expected only for Filipinos who have been here in Canada longer. Well sorry, we didn't come here to Canada to follow certain unwritten Filipino laws and culture because we have our own life so stop barging in.

Tsk tsk... my blog is slowly becoming a place to vent my frustrations towards other Filipinos. Honestly, I love the Filipinos back in the Philippines more than the Filipinos living here in Canada. Well just some of them at least, not the entire Filipino-Canadians.

Sweet Dreams Mattress

A friend of mine recently shared her experience with Sweet Dreams Mattress because she was extremely happy with the mattress that she had purchased with them. My friend, Sally, is just like me when it comes to beds. We both love comfortable beds because after a hard day`s work you deserve to have a cozy mattress to sleep on.

She talked about Sweet Dreams Mattress because I recently told her that I wanted to buy a new mattress because my current mattress is just so bad that I sometimes can`t sleep because I have to constantly change my sleeping position so that I wont feel the springs. I have to admit that my mattress isn`t that good because it`s cheap but again, who said you can`t get a very good mattress for a very reasonable price.

This is why Sally recommended Sweet Dreams mattress. They don`t care if you walk out the door and don`t buy anything from them. All they want to do is provide their customers the proper ``beducation`` . You heard me right! Beducation! Because we buyers should be able to make informed decisions when buying the right mattress for us in terms of firmness, padding, quality, and of course all at the right price.

Anyway, wish me luck with my new mattress so that I could have sweet dreams for a change.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Drive to British Columbia

Guess I really can't survive a day without my beloved computer and the internet so even when I'm on the road, my computer comes with me. So here I am at Fairmont Hot Springs at one of the villas that my parents own (timeshare that is) and doing this blog entry.

I'm actually disappointed that my parents bought a timeshare at Fairmont because this means that instead of having money for my "future car" (crossed fingers) the money goes to paying the monthly and yearly maintenance fees.

Anyway, I'm really so tired right now. I'm proud that I was able to beat my laziness and actually went to the gym and worked out. I'm really really out of shape so I really need the exercise. I think I'll continue this routine when I go back to Edmonton.

Gosh I really love long drives. The scenery is breathtaking and I get to forget all my problems and just live for the moment. Oh well I'll just enjoy the rest of my vacation.