Wednesday, June 7, 2006

My Headache

My head is pounding. I have a lot of things going through my head. I wonder if I have migraine or something because the pain is unbearable.

I have a lot of problems and they seem to pile up as the next school semester approaches. I need a fresh start but how can I have a fresh start when I already am carrying a lot of burden on my shoulders?

Speaking of weights, burdens, and baggage… I wish that I could move to another boarding house. I don’t want to move because of the people in my current boarding house because my landlords and board mates are great but I really need to find a place where I won’t be easily distracted. I’m doing all of this for my grades. The QPI requirement that I have to meet up has already become higher since I’m already in AHSE II so I need all the concentration I can get.

It’s really so hot today! The heat and my headache are driving me insane! There is no one I can talk to right now… I’m so sad…

Sound of Silence

This was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly, the winds brought cool air, and the grass and plants were emerald green. The scene made me at peace. My soul was nourished and I felt great happiness and contentment. It was so peaceful and so quiet… well until this group of guys suddenly came out from nowhere and destroyed the very thing that I searched for, peace and quiet.

I really don’t understand teens these days. Do they have this allergic reaction or extreme hate for silence and tranquility? Is today’s youth so dulled and not to mention dumb-up by rock music or whatever they call the garbage they call music? Is the youth so used to noise that they don’t feel normal in its absence?

I am so disgusted with people who can’t shut up even for once in their life. Why can’t they be considerate enough to lower their voices so that they can’t disturb the people who want to run away from all the chaos in the world through silence?

Meditation and reflection is my way out but how can I find inner peace when stupid loudmouths surround me? Grrr!!!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Leave Me Alone

Fade away, just fade away

This is what I wish.

Let me be, let me breathe

Let me be who I want to be.

Set me free, let me fly

I hope my dreams do come true.

I want silence, I want peace.

Just go away and let me be.

Leave me alone, go away.

Disappear and don’t come back.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Some Secrets are Best Kept a Secret

We all have bones hidden in our closets, secrets that we try so hard to keep. Our secrets may be as old as a day or even as long as a lifetime, but one thing is sure, we never want anyone to dig up our secrets because it can bring embarrassment and can even ruin someone or worse ourselves.

We go through every measure to prevent this secret from being known, some even go to the extreme and may even kill people to protect a secret. But as they say, no secret is ever kept because the truth will always surface sooner or later.

I have a secret. I have been keeping it a secret for a long time. Some secrets are better locked up and buried for they only bring trouble.

Friday, June 2, 2006

What's happening to my Posts?

Hmm... I wonder wha'ts happening to my posts lately... I seem to be losing my touch. There's really nothing much happening to my life (well except love has won over me again) so I have nothing to post. I can post about my beloved Heaven but I would rather keep Heaven all to myself hehehe...

My blog looks like a mess! It has lyrics, some fragments of my thoughts, links, and some advertisements, hehehe...

But is there really a rule on how to post? I don't think so right? Well, I have to think about my readers (if I have readers that is) but this blog is all about me so I don't really care hehehe... Hahay... I'm really insane... si Heaven kasi... hehehe...