Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Sound of Silence

This was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly, the winds brought cool air, and the grass and plants were emerald green. The scene made me at peace. My soul was nourished and I felt great happiness and contentment. It was so peaceful and so quiet… well until this group of guys suddenly came out from nowhere and destroyed the very thing that I searched for, peace and quiet.

I really don’t understand teens these days. Do they have this allergic reaction or extreme hate for silence and tranquility? Is today’s youth so dulled and not to mention dumb-up by rock music or whatever they call the garbage they call music? Is the youth so used to noise that they don’t feel normal in its absence?

I am so disgusted with people who can’t shut up even for once in their life. Why can’t they be considerate enough to lower their voices so that they can’t disturb the people who want to run away from all the chaos in the world through silence?

Meditation and reflection is my way out but how can I find inner peace when stupid loudmouths surround me? Grrr!!!

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