Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking At My Past Posts

The quote above generally describes the feeling that I have right now with regards to my blog and my past posts. Although I have to admit that I post things on the internet haphazardly without a grain of thought... in fact one might accuse me of blogging while under the influence of alcohol, and I don't even drink. Do I regret it? Not at all.

As I have repeated myself over and over again, blogging for me is a form of expression and is not to be used to publish scholarly-like journal articles. Although I have to apologize to the nursing profession for  including it in my blog description. I do not represent nurses out there as I can sometimes be a cruel, insensitive, person.

I should really start rebranding my blog and start to shroud it anonymously so that I don't become a target of hate or that people don't link me to the affiliations I belong to.

The internet has grown and has become a powerful tool to gain knowledge, gain support, and has even been used as a weapon against individuals.

I am rambling... incoherently at that. I shall end this post.

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  1. BOo! Atakot ka? Hehe....Ala lang, nangugulat ka ako kasi alang magawa..

    Ay naku lahat ng 'kagagahan' na ginawa natin in the past are all part of who we are today. Hindi naman tayo magiging ganito KAGALING kung hindi dahil sa kagagahan natin dati. O di ba???

    Hi Edgar! Kamusta na ang layf??? naka graduate ka na ba? Full pledged RN ka na ba? Sowee ha di ako ako updated sa yo eh....para kasi akong kabuti....pasulpot sulpot lang pang umuulan....toink!

    Ate J