Monday, September 6, 2010

Stop Hate

I've been blog hopping these past few days when I ran into this awesome post by a friend of mine.

I won't summarize what he posted and instead I'll encourage each and everyone of you to visit his website and read the entire post. Just for the record, I completely agree with what he wrote.

I think everyone is familiar to what cyber bullying is. We have seen this occurring everywhere on the internet: YouTube, forums, even on our Facebook pages. 

What I don't understand is, why do they have so much hate in them? I found this simple equation on how internet trolls are born:

Anonymity plays a huge role in being a hater online. I had my own share of haters for expressing my views and they always leave no name or contact information. It's like walking down the road and a second later finding yourself bleeding since someone attacked you from behind, a cheap shot. What's worst is that instead of posting something logical to let you know what made them angry in the first place, they only throw vulgarities at you.

I ask myself as to why cyber bullies exist. Here are some hypotheses that I had come up with:
  1. Bullies are unhappy campers. If they're unhappy then everyone else should be as miserable as them.
  2. They are closed minded. If your opinion differs from theirs then you are automatically on their hate list.
  3. They're bored and they have nothing better to do.
Some people would say that there is nothing we can do about it but there is something we can do to stop cyber bullying or hate online. You could actually visit or this article "What Is Cyberbullying, and How to Stop It" for helpful tips on how to deal with bullies.

Here are my personal tips for dealing with trolls or haters:

  1. Don't reply to them. Haters post comments because they want to see how you react. They want you to reply to them. As much as you want to prove to your hater how dumb they really are, refrain from doing so. Don't give in to taunts, you are better than them.
  2. Don't delete comments or e-mails. If they still keep sending offensive remarks, you can seek the help of your local police to track down the cyberbully. Harassers are violating the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Human Rights Act.
  3. Laugh it off. Isn't it funny that they spend so much time on you? As they say, the measure of one's success is in the multitude of haters that you have.
If you must respond to a hater, then do so in a calm and composed manner. There is no use trying to stoop to their level, they will never understand anyway.



  1. This a is very helpful post. Thank you and keep it up

  2. I can't post a comment on your friends post for some reason but here is my take on the situation: It is obvious the young girl in question is disappointed with the actions of hostage takers and has unfortunately expressed that disappointment in a very bad way. It is like myself being disappointed in the German people for Hitler's actions in world war two...she should not be treated as she has been in response to her post...adults are supposed to act like adults and are supposed to be more forgiving...the other thing is she isn't old enough and experienced enough to have realized yet that there are good and bad people in every nation and country around the world and you can't tar all with the same I agree stop the hate

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one Susan! I completely agree with you.

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