Saturday, July 3, 2010

I've Grown Up

As I was looking through my older posts, I can't help notice how different I was back then. It amazes me how different I am now from my high school self. I can't believe that I'm already 21 years old and boy oh boy, experience does change a person's perspective on life.

Back when I was a naive 16 year old boy, I was sheltered and lived a privileged life.You can say that I was a semi-bourgeoisie. I studied in one of the most prestigious school and I was placed on a pedestal. I was made to think that the world was at my fingertips and that I, being a person who is more fortunate than others, had a responsibility to the less fortunate people. I had accustomed myself to the title of being elite and my world rotated around studying and getting great marks. You would notice in my early posts that my rants were always concerning school.

My world crumbled when I had to move to Canada. One huge mistake on my part was working for a fast food chain, Tim Hortons. I have to be honest, I was never a humble person. I had always taken pride over the fact that I wasn't one of the millions of Filipinos who lived in poverty. I was different, I actually had a great future ahead of me. This pride has caused me great misery and depression. As I said, I foolishly worked at a fast food chain where Filipino contract workers are well known for. I unfortunately didn't take this into consideration and I was always confused for a contract worker. Naturally, my pride kicks in and I blatantly tell people off that I'm not a contract worker. By people I mean other brown-nosed (they like sticking their noses in other people's shit) Filipinos, and they then retaliate with the "If you're an immigrant then why do you work here comeback". Although it's none of their business, the only reason why I stayed with Tim Hortons for two tormenting years is because I loved my co-workers and that I had huge difficulty finding a job that doesn't suck as bad. Let's face it, I was a Filipino landed immigrant who didn't have any job experience so employers would over look my resume. 

I'm just glad that I now have my old life back. I'm back to school finishing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and I don't have a job where I am looked down at as a loser (well only fucking Filipinos does this). I used to be a person who was an idealist who had principles guiding my life. After seeing and experiencing the real world, I realized how impractical my old values were.

Right now I am a person who has a level head. Like any other Canadian, I don't see people based on social status or how rich a person is. I see people for who they are and I treat them the way the way that I want to be treated (Platinum Rule).


  1. sometimes personal growth can be as painful as a physical work you know what they say no pain no gain