Saturday, April 14, 2007

Respect & Cura Personalis

Respect & Cura Personalis

I really can’t help but laugh whenever I remember my Freshmen Formation Program lectures because it’s all a bunch of crap and not to mention a lie. Respect and most especially cura personalis (care for the students welfare) does not exist in Xavier University, most especially in the College of Nursing. It’s ironic though that the admin staffs are so apathetic when Nursing is caring, well as the ideal definition of nursing would say. But on the other hand, these admin staffs aren’t Nurses at all or are professionals for that matter. If they were professionals they would have at least some ethics and know how to respect people.

The Admin Office of the College of Nursing has always been an anti-student department of the university ever since I was in first year. They treat the students very badly and they love to shout and destroy our self-esteem. A lot of students are against the admin people’s offensive behavior against them but they only keep quiet because they can’t do anything about it. I know a lot of people who would openly curse at these staff and a lot would agree, I would agree that they do indeed deserved to be cursed. Respect is a two way process. If they wanted to be respected then they should know how to respect in return.

I have my own share of traumatizing encounters with these savage people (yes, savage because they attack without reason). For so long I had held my tongue but I cant take it any longer. I’ll share one recent encounter with the admin that really infuriated me. I was assigned to be a student volunteer last Saturday, April 15, 2007. I had so many reasons why I should reject such request. First, we have a family outing on that day and second I had blepharitis. But I decided to be an SV on that day because I thought that it was my duty and responsibility to do so. I woke up early and even went down from Bukidnon just to serve. But for all my sacrifices and good will what do I get in return? They shouted at me and told me to get lost. Damn them. They didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself why I went in the office that early morning when I knew that they were still closed. They could inform me in a nice way that they were still closed right? But this is not the way of the high and mighty admin staff. Their way is to shout at you with their sarcastic faces and they really try to put you down. I wonder why they have such bad tempers, not to mention manners. There are even times when I see them shouting their heads off at students even when the students try all their best to keep their cool and refrain themselves from answering back.

If some of the Nursing students have bad attitudes, these can only be reflected from the verbal abuses that they receive from the admin people. But I tell you, this has got to stop!

I feel that it is my responsibility as an elected officer to be the voice of the student body in airing out this concern. A lot of students would say that the admin people have no right to treat us, the students, with great disrespect because we after all pay their salaries. Without us, the College of Nursing would never exist. But even if we don’t pay their salaries, the mere fact that they are in an Atenean institution should be reason enough why they should be more student-friendly rather than abuse the students with their bad attitude.

I am campaigning for a more student-friendly College of Nursing Administration Office. This will be one of my major projects as the elected CONUS 3rd Year Vice-President. I will be having a signature campaign and I will address this matter to the right offices so that the admin people would also be made aware of their actions towards the student body and how this affects the student body.

The Administration Office of the College of Nursing is ideally present to cater the needs of the students regarding enrollments and other business related affairs. If the Admin Office is hostile to the students then the essence of being in an Ateneo University that provides Jesuit education is tarnished.

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