Sunday, April 1, 2007


I am now at the crossroad of my life. Before me lie roads that lead to my future. There are doors that are now left open but will soon close as time passes by. I am confused at which road I should take. Should I take the road less traveled or the road that everyone takes? My want for greatness and at the same time my desire for true happiness is tearing me apart. I have to choose one. It is true that we can’t take everything and that we do have to make sacrifices for one thing to work out.

People say that we may take different paths but it doesn’t matter because we will always be lead to what is destined for us. But I don’t agree… we shape our own destiny. We are the masters of our lives and fate has nothing to do with it.

I am scared of the future yes because I don’t know what will happen. But as with my past experiences, I learned that I cannot forever stay and be content with the present. Or worst, I should never linger with my past failures and stupid mistakes. Ok, I think I am repeating myself when I say that there is nothing wrong with committing mistakes, the crime would be not doing anything at all.

Life is so confusing… and why am I always writing about this stuff? Maybe it’s for me to constantly remind myself of my real priorities. I know that I am blessed and have more than others so I shouldn’t waste what the Lord has given me.

I will sail on for the future and everyone will see that I did reach somewhere great and honorable. Let us all reach for our dreams.

I am at such an inspired mood right now... I can picture myself already in a white coat giving orders around hehehe (I mean medicine orders ha?) Yup, I want to be a doctor. I'm still far away from that dream... but I'll try my best.

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