Saturday, February 10, 2007

On Campus Elections

At last the election days are over! I wasn't aloud to talk about this outside of school because my candidacy will be nullified because of certain technicalities. Yup, I ran for the Xavier University Campus Elections! Could you believe it? Me? Have the guts to pull up something like this which I have never done before?

Anyway I ran for 3rd Year Vice-President for the Council of Nursing Students under the banner of Alyansang Atenista (which is celebrating it's 20th year now!). And thankfully I won!

I'm really happy and at the same time excited to fulfill my responsibilities because I do not want to fail my constituents. I believe that I am capable to lead them because of my experiences in CONUS and at the same time my great passion for change and student rights!

The election has been very bloody I tell you. We have an opponent party who resorted to using the Crusader Publication, the official school publication, as black propaganda. I won't talk about the details anymore because it would just complicate things.

To all who voted me, thanks!

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