Thursday, October 14, 2004

Exams!!! Physics!

Oh my gosh! It's already the Second Quarter Exams! Days do pass by so fast! It won't be long, graduation ko na from my high school (thank God!)! I'm really having a hard time in Physics! It's the first time I ever got grades these low! But they're not failing, that's what's important! I hate my self for not being able to understand the torture that is physics! Physics is quite interesting but I really need to be more enlightened. More enlightened than Buddha when it comes to the great mystery which is Physics!!! Everyone who loves me, please pray for me! I have to study very hard! I sleep at 7-9 pm then wake up at around 10 pm and study until 3 am! It's a good thing there's Nescafe Choco Java Coffee to keep me going! All the way to the top! (Yikes, it sounds like an advertisement! Lots of laugh...). Well anyway, I have to go and live my stupid life! Bye!

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