Monday, September 27, 2004

Hear me complain and grummble!!!

I am so tired!!! I have so many assignments and projects to finish. Not to mention all of the tests that I have to take consecutively! After one period of test, the next will be another test! Aaah! I don't anymore sleep well. I have to stay awake every night. Thank God there's coffee to keep me awake. I'm really so tired. I just want to sleep as early as 7:00 pm during a school day. After the weekends, I still have to do my weekend assignments. Where will I find strength from all the stress and pain that I'm going through? I have to go through this and achieve my dreams. I will not give up! I just need to finish my 4th year then I'm off to college! Where I'm looking forward for the privilage of choosing my own class schedule. I'll really make sure that I still have time to sleep!!! I have to bear this! Yes I will!

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