Monday, May 4, 2009

The Swine Flu Scare

Oh my gosh! There are over 20 cases of Swine Flu reported in Alberta and it's a bit scary! I'm a bit concerned about it because I meet several people in my work and I can bring the H1N1 Virus to my home so I really need to practice proper handwashing.

Although I'm very careful about it I'm scared that we might still contract the Swine Flu because my brother lacks good personal hygiene. He is really such a pig.

Just this afternoon a customer was saying that she doesn't eat meat so she won't get the flu. But the thing is eating the meat of an infected pig won't cause someone to contract the swine flu because swine flue is only transmitted from human to human. Although it can be contracted from swines too but not from eating them.

Photo Credit goes to xkcd

Home Security Systems

Unlike back home in the Philippines, I`ve noticed that homes here in Canada don`t have very high walls surrounding their homes and lots and they don`t have steel bars mounted on the windows. I once thought that home security was lacking in Canadian homes since homes here in are very open to intruders because the lawns are open and the windows are just made of glass that could easily be smashed.

But then I just recently realized that this doesn`t mean that burglars and intruders can easily break in because homes here are protected by something better than high perimeter walls and window bars, or attack dogs combined: home security systems!

That`s right! Home security systems will help in preventing burglary, some may even call the fire department if there is a fire, and you can even use it to send help when you have a medical crisis. So home security systems is just like having a police, a fireman, and a doctor as neighbors who you can just call for when you need them.

If our mortgage gets approved and we get to buy a house this year, I`m sure to get an ADT Security System as most of the homes here have this as their security system.

Touch My Hand Music Video

Hey guys! As you know I`m a David Archuleta fan and I`ve been stalking him since he was in American Idol (just kidding, don`t call the cops). Anyway, I saw this new music video that he had posted on his Official David Archuleta YouTube page. He disabled embeding to his music video which is a bummer but it`s no biggy.

So here is the link to his music video at YouTube:

Touch My Hand - David Archuleta

So the concept of the music video is really all about the fans. It`s not really a romantic love song but it`s more of a tribute to his fans and supporters who have brought him to where he is now. I really like how David is very humble and appreciative of his fans. He didn`t let his celebrity status from keeping him away from them.

So to all fans like me we should really support him!

It`s too bad that David isn`t coming to Edmonton and he`s going to have a concert at Manila with David Cook which I would never see because I cancelled my plans to go back to the Philippines this year. Tsk Tsk!

Oh well, I`m bound to get to see David Archuleta in Concert anyway so I`ll just be patient. Britney Spears was in concert here in Edmonton with the Pussycat Dolls but I didn`t see them too LOL!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shoping For Vanities

Although the good news that I heard yesterday wasn't the good news that I've waiting for, it was still a great good news.

What's the great news? Well it just happens that our mortgage specialist has told us yesterday that we pre-qualify for a mortgage of $500,000. Well the actual amount would be lesser but we're hoping that it would be enough for the house we absolutely live at $470,000.

Anyway, since we're on a tight budget we are looking for great deals on furnitures and decorative pieces. We don't have the approved amount but it doesn't hurt to save time by window shopping. And the first thing that I thought of are bathroom vanities. Look at this 53" Classic Bathroom Vanity! It's so beautiful! And it doesn't cost that much too as it only values at $1,195.00 with the original price at $2495.00!

I'm quite impressed by the wide variety of vanities by this online merchant! They offer 0% Financing and free shipping plus their prices are awesome! I've been looking at the double vanity which I'm thinking of placing on the second floor of our house-to-be.

I'm definitely going to show this to my mom because if we are able to save that much on bathroom vanity alone, we could still have enough to make our future home our dream home.

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