Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So What's Up?

My job hunt has served to be futile (for the moment at least). Well I did only started sending my resume yesterday and I know that they might be waiting for more applicants before they contact me. But the thing that quite bothered me was when one possible employer e-mailed me and asked me if I was here on a work permit. It bothered me because I might be confusing possible employers with my resume that I am a contract worker or something, that is why on my next resumes that I e-mailed to possible employers I placed there on the more info part: Canadian Permanent Resident. That way they won't have second thoughts about my being able to legally work here in Canada.

Well tomorrow I planned that I won't be staying in the comforts of my home watching Shaman King (but staying at home and bum around isn't a bad idea either). So to make my day tomorrow productive, I plan on getting myself a Police Information Check. I will need this in my future jobs and in my college application.

Speaking of college applications, I'm glad that some progress has occurred with my MacEwan application. But I still have some documents that I need to submit but I'm wondering if I could just give them a photocopy because I'm also applying to University of Alberta and I might need those documents too.

Tomorrow is also going to be an important day because I've asked a friend back in the Philippines to check with our Registrar at Xavier University if she received my letter and what she needs (money of course) so that she can speed the process and send my documents to University of Alberta via international express mail.

Oh yeah, maybe I can squeeze going to MacEwan tomorrow and maybe cutting my hair. If I'm going to leave my house, it's best if I make use of my time wisely right?

I think that's all that has been happening to my now boring and dull life. Oh yeah my brother was fired for always being late and as usual he is still a narcissistic, ego-centered, selfish, irresponsible, brat.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Cheapest Text Books

When I was still back in the Philippines, living my life happily as a college student who didn't have to worry about money and expenses and only depended on my mom for money... well I actually did worry.

I'm even more worried more about expenses in college because if you think that college was expensive in the Philippines, wait until you try going to school here in Canada! My gad! I am still thinking how I would pay back the government for the student loan that I have to pay back. but at least finding cheap textbooks wouldn't be a problem.

Yup! I manage to cut down my college expenses by a very significant amount by buying at stores with the cheapest text books. I also buy used textbooks because even when they were used by someone else, the content is what matters the most. Especially in my field of study, books related to health and nursing are very very expensive!

That is why I have found CheapestTextBooks.com! I can find nursing books that are usually expensive at bargain prices and I get to spend the money I saved on text books on medical supplies that I need while I'm on duty at the hospital. Plus it's so easy to sell my used and old textbooks that I won't be needing anymore. I get to rid of junk, earn money, and help other future students all in one! How great is that?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Dateh

Since I had no job, I was basically bumming around the house and then had one of my spontaneous ideas... why don't I listen to violin songs on the internet since I love the violin and I dream of playing the violin but I have absolutely no time (not to mention money) to learn the violin.

Well, I was on YouTube and I typed the keyword "violin" and old videos of old musicians but then I came to Paul Dateh's YouTube page and I was amazed. It was a mix of hiphop and classical violin. It's super great! My eardrums is sure loving Paul Dateh right now.

But to hear is to believe, Lol! So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the talented, the amazing, the spectacular PAUL DATEH! The voice, the writer, pianist, and violinist.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Passed the Test!

You might be wondering what test I passed. Well it's definitely not the board exam that's for sure. I, ladies and gentlemen, am a proud passer of the Knowledge Test for the Alberta Class 7 Driver's License!

Yup! I took advantage of the week I was jobless and instead of becoming a couch potato or the common household bum, I was able to make use of my time into something productive.

But the truth is I actually bummed around the house all week. I only studied for the exam in like a day (a few hours really). And I barely passed the exam too. The test had 30 questions and the passing point was 25. And I got 25 of those very difficult and confusing questions right! One more wrong and I would have failed and my $8 examination fee would have gone to waste.

Well, guess I'll be waiting for my driver's license in the mail. In the mean time I have to find myself another job so that I can afford a driving school.

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