Thursday, June 5, 2008

David Archuleta! You're still my Idol!

I know that this topic is already old and that American Idol has ended and everything but even if David Archuleta did not get the crown as the next American Idol for 2008 he is still a star for me and I am still his fan no matter what!

I will be looking forward for his albums! I really loved his rendition of Chris Brown's "With You". I am not sad that he didn't win because I know that he had already proved that he is a star.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

BF Homes Duplex Apartment For Rent

Just yesterday, my Tita, my brother and I went to her other house in BF Homes - Mariposa, Las Piñas to check it out since my Tita is planning to have it rented. We also went there to check up on her employee who was 9 months pregnant and supposedly over due but I'll reserve that for another post.

So I was tasked to take pictures and post ads on the internet for her Apartment. I went to check out the said apartment and I have to say that it is a great looking apartment and the price she set for it was very reasonable.

Here are the descriptions of the said apartment/duplex:
  • Location: BF Homes - Mariposa, Las Piñas, Manila
  • Type: 2-Storey Duplex Apartment
  • It has two bedrooms each with it's own bathroom and each with built-in cabinets
  • There is another bathroom at the ground floor (so that's a total of 3 bathrooms)
  • The apartment has perimeter walls and gates and the windows have bars
  • It has it's own parking space inside the lot.
  • It has a terrace with a great view.
  • It has a laundry area.
For more info please visit the blog that I've made for it:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Vetter - The Boy in the Bubble

This is David Vetter and he is well known as The Boy in the Bubble. You would see here in this picture his innocence and his youth... but all of that is slowly going to fade away...

You see David was born with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) meaning he has no immune system. The common cold could kill him and therefore he must continue to live in a sterile germ-free environment, a bubble free of germs.

David was a happy and kind boy but as he matured and grew his emotions became more mature for a young boy. He wasn't a teenager yet but he was already becoming to have these dark moods and he wanted to be alone because he felt that he had no where else to go... he was going to die... there was no need to continue on living...

He was trapped in a cage as he saw his childhood friends and family members growing up and leaving him to explore the world and live their own lives. David was actually built a space suit so that he could explore the world around him. But he was always terrified to leave his bubble because if he was exposed even a tiny bit with a leak in his space suit he could die.

My heart was totally crushed as this young boy faced so much hardship but he remained strong and made it up to the age of 12. But sadly even though his doctors tried to save him, he still died after a bone marrow transplantation. The operation was a success but they weren't able to detect that the bone marrow harbored inactive viruses that caused a tumor which in turn caused massive hemorrhaging in David's intestines...

Seeing David suffer for so long emotionally for so long was heart wrenching... I am thankful that with our technology today 90% of newborns with SCID are successfully treated and doesn't have to live a life in isolation.

When David died, it was the first and last time that his mother was able to touch him...

CD-R King Big Let Down

I had always loved CD-R King because they are the only store who sells CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/+R/+RW and such for very low prices! They are actually a very popular techno-gadget store since they sell products here in the Philippines for super low prices. The gadgets like keyboards, flash disks, mouse, speakers, bags, etc are priced so low that CD-R King is being imitated by stores like CD-R Queen.

Anyway I have been a very happy patron of CD-R King until I bought a mini-speaker from them for my laptop. You see my Acer Aspire 4310 speaker is not that loud so I decided to buy a CD-R King branded mini-speaker because it only cost Php 350 or $8. But like cheap products there are down sides... and the downside of my purchase was that the mini-speaker had a bad sound and only one speaker plays. I was going to return the merchandise because it was still under the 1 week warranty period when I read the clause that the package must be returned with the box and everything but unfortunately I burned the damn box already.

I really am pissed of because I just threw away my money for some useless piece of junk! Next time I buy anything I am going to make sure to check the following:
  • the product is working with no defects (I was going to do this but I was in a hurry then)
  • make sure that the product is branded (Branded products come with better warranty and support)
  • Never throw away the box and receipt until the warranty expires.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Humorisk - Fool Me

I introduce to you my cousin's band, Humorisk! My cousin is the vocalist in this band and her name is Joanne. They are a band waiting to be discovered and become the next best thing! If you would listen to them their songs are original as they compose their own songs and my cousins singing can be compared to Evanescence and Within Temptations.

The song here which by the way is called Fool Me is a song originally composed and sung by my cousin's band Humorisk. As the title goes, this song is about being fooled and taken advantaged of by the one you love and trust the most that is why it's so painful.

Please visit their profiles at: