Saturday, February 10, 2007

Frustrated Song Writer

I have been bored the past few days and thought that I should do something productive. Studying was one option but unfortunately I just realized that it doesn't really brings joy to me (unless I'm in the mood). So I decided to write songs and I was able to write songs.

I have tunes for them too but unfortunately I don't have time to record them and I haven't found a singer yet. I thought of my self but I don't want anyone to hear me sing for free (i need some talent fee you know... lolz).

I'll try to post my songs next week.


This is a very cute Pon&Zi pic!

Forsaken - A Tribute to DNAngel

I really love DNAngel! It is one of the finest anime out there. The vivid images and intriguing plot makes it one of the best! Here is an AMV in honor of DNAngel. Please take some time to watch it. The video is good and the music surrounds it with such mystery...

On Campus Elections

At last the election days are over! I wasn't aloud to talk about this outside of school because my candidacy will be nullified because of certain technicalities. Yup, I ran for the Xavier University Campus Elections! Could you believe it? Me? Have the guts to pull up something like this which I have never done before?

Anyway I ran for 3rd Year Vice-President for the Council of Nursing Students under the banner of Alyansang Atenista (which is celebrating it's 20th year now!). And thankfully I won!

I'm really happy and at the same time excited to fulfill my responsibilities because I do not want to fail my constituents. I believe that I am capable to lead them because of my experiences in CONUS and at the same time my great passion for change and student rights!

The election has been very bloody I tell you. We have an opponent party who resorted to using the Crusader Publication, the official school publication, as black propaganda. I won't talk about the details anymore because it would just complicate things.

To all who voted me, thanks!
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