Monday, December 6, 2004

Hatol ng Guhit na Bilog ending

Thank you guys for watching the play! It has finally ended last friday, December 5, 2004. Well the play was a success and the people did have a good laugh. I just wonder if they found out what the message of the play was: social change. I don't want to say more because Brecthian plays and novels really encourages people to think and you really have to see between the lines because the real meaning is really hidden. You will really appreciate Brecht once you know what I'm saying. Research research!

It's such a shame that my website is infected by a virus! So never mind going to this site. It's such a shame because this site is all about Social Action Program. SAP is a program by my school Xavier University High School to help form it's students to be men and women for others. Well I'll just make another one if I have time.

Physics and School Life

I hate physics! I don't know why but I feel that physics is not made for me! It's not really hard but my teacher is just impossible!!! I don't know if she just really want to see her students fail and all. It really is sad because physics is already hard and then she makes it harder. She wants her students to go to remedial sessions fine... but please be reminded that the remedial and class sessions are two seperate things. She brings her remedial lessons and happenings to class and I can't relate because I haven't join in the remedial. She is so assuming that we already know because she talked about it already at the remedial session. I'll show her that I can learn even if she tries so hard to fail me!!!

School life as usual is boring and tiring... Lot's of assignments, quizzes, and impossible teachers! I can't wait to graduate! Where is my life? Where is my teenage life that is suppose to be filled with fun and happiness!? I feel that I'm a stressed-out 50 year old man! I so hate school! I used to love it but now I'm so full of it! College here I come! I wouldn't stay for a single second once I graduate! I'll burn all my books and everything to forget this horrible life! grrr!

But ya fine. High school is not that bad. I met new people: friends, enemies, crushes?! hahaha! There are thins that I'll be remembering... my GOOD teachers, friends, Social Action Program, Hatol ng Guhit na Bilog, and the happy memories.

Well, that's all for now.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Is it right to take someone's elses Life?

Is it right to take someone's elses Life?

Of course not!!! We had this debate this noon at our English period. Is it justifiable for George to take away Lennie's life? The point of the other side, they said it was justifiable, is that Lennie is retarded and is a hindrance to George's dreams and Lennie killed someone(out of accident because Lennie is autistic). They said that if George and Lennie ran away from the angry mob out to kill and torture Lennie, they would still repeat the same process over and over again. Besides if Lennie is caught he will suffer more unlike if George shot Lennie on the back of the head and everything would end with out pain.
My side is, hell no! It's not justifiable even if George only commited a so called "mercy killing" because he doesn't want Lennie to be hurt and because he loves Lennie... Love? Does love mean killing? If I love someone and I don't want this someone to be hurt or affected by the outside negative forces I should just kill him/her to protect her? George could have just ran away to save Lennie from the angry mob. If Lennie do have to answer to the crime he commited not out of his free will then he has absolutely no right to place the law in his hands. Just send Lennie to the authorities so that they would be able to protect Lennie and they will understand that Lennie is mentally handicapped!
Life is precious, it is a gift from God, and no one has any right to take this gift away from someone. No one has the right to decide who will live and who will die. There are a lot of choices and possibilities that can happen. Killing can never be justifiable!
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