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4 Factors To Consider Before Becoming A Sperm Donor

Donating sperm is an important decision. There are several reasons a male might decide to donate sperm.  Perhaps you need extra money or know someone who is having trouble becoming pregnant. Whatever your reasons may be, it is important to consider all aspects of this decision before your donation.  This article will discuss four factors to consider before becoming a sperm donor.  Read below to educate yourself on the process and what you should think about and prepare for before you decide to donate your sperm.


You need to determine if you are going to donate your sperm anonymously, or not.  When deciding this, ask yourself if you are prepared to be the biological father of a child or children who might want to meet you one day.  That could be the case if you decide not to donate anonymously.  If you do decide to remain anonymous, ask yourself that question in another way. Are you ready to be the father of a child or children whom you will never meet?  Are you okay with knowing that there will be children who will never know their biological father? There are emotional factors to consider if you have not already.  While there is not right or wrong answer to these questions, you need to decide what your personal opinions and beliefs are based on the questions.  Be sure you have really considered what you are doing before you follow through with your donation.

Long Term Effects

As stated above, regardless of whether or not you decide to donate anonymously or not, there could be long term emotional effects that you have not considered.  Also, if you are donating your sperm to someone you know who is having difficulty becoming pregnant, consider the effects it might have on your relationship down the road? Does this person expect you to play a role as a parent? Will they change their mind down the road? Would you like to play a major parenting role in the child’s life?  Be sure you speak honestly and openly with the individual for whom you are donating, and consider drawing up a legal agreement to protect your rights.

Prepare for testing

Before donating sperm, you will be required to receive a number of health related tests to insure you are free from any diseases or health issues.  An extensive background check and health check will be conducted, as the person receiving your donation will want to know as much information as possible about the sperm they are receiving. Are you prepared or such tests? Do you have the time and are you will to put in the effort and be %100 honest on the questionnaires? Remember that you are creating a life that can be affected by any health issues you might have and it is important for the child and the parents to know the father’s health history.

Do your research

When you make the decision to donate sperm, be sure to do your research on the clinic you decide to use.  Research reviews and insure the clinic is up to code and a healthy place to donate.  Insure their equipment and facilities are sterile, and the legalities are in order.  Your health and personal protection are important.

About the Author

Tess Young is a writer for a health blog. She suggests finding more information on how to become a sperm donor at California Cryobank.

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