Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Casey Heynes: I Support You!

I was very disturbed by this viral video that I saw on YouTube. My heart goes to Casey Heynes who was bullied for most of his life just because he weighed a few pounds. It pains my heart to hear him talk about suicide because he couldn't take the bullying anymore. People say that violence is never an answer but in this case, I support Casey Heynes, the Bully Punisher. I see Casey as a hero, a beacon of light for all of the people who are abused by people like Ritchard Gale.

Ritchard Gale is a little liar! He said that Casey attacked him first but it is clear from the video that Ritchard came along with his group of bullies and attacked Casey. I don't feel sorry for you Ritchard Gale and I hope this event will haunt you for the rest of your life. Casey was defenseless (a gentle giant) and was against the wall when you punched him several times. You deserve everything that you are getting right now. I know I sound horrible but you are a liar. If you just said sorry like you meant it, you might be hated less.

To Casey, you are not alone. The whole world supports you and we are proud of you! I am happy that you have a family that loves you. Casey said that he had 9 friends who deserted him... well you have hundreds of thousands of friends around the world now!

I was bullied as a kid too and I was very young when I first knew how fear felt like. I was so miserable and I felt so lonely because no one was there for me. Like Casey I had a few friends (who were there when they needed something from me) but when I was being teased that I didn't have friends, I told my bully that I did have friends and pointed at my supposed to be friends. It was so painful to be told right in front of your face that they never considered me as a friend. Children could be so cruel especially when they are ruled over by a school bully.

This is Casey's message to all people who are bullied: "Look for the good days, keep your chin up and school ain't going to last forever".

For more information on this historical event, you can visit http://www.caseyheynes.com/.

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