Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twitter-like Function on Blogger

Blogger should have a Twitter-like function so that I could frequently update my status. Yes, I am one of those annoying people who updates their status on Facebook about every single thing that goes on in their heads or whatever they do.



  1. With a news feed easy-to-filter and scroll through, FB has become that tremendous social network that far outdoes its competitors.

  2. And it's that same concept that currently bugs its users. FB is doing a lot of changes too fast that it leaves people scratching their heads. I do like their recently rolled out "subscribe" feature though.

  3. Related to this, though, is the recent changes in Facebook that seems to combine the best aspects of Google+ and twitter on its home page. it's a bit cluttered, clunky, and faulty, but I guess the geniuses behind FB will fix these problems asap.

  4. "Problems"? I don't think it ever was an issue. People will get used to the new interface and embrace it, putting the old memories of a much simpler Facebook to rest.

  5. I want that function too. I wish I could integrate my Blogger with my social media platforms.


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