Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drug Calculation Quiz Retake

In my pharmacology class, we had to take a drug calculations quiz. We either get a hundred percent or we fail. Guess what? I failed...

I am angry and bewildered as why I would fail such a simple math exam. I double checked each and every one of my answers but I still ended making a mistake. I hate making mistakes and I hate being a failure. I am not a failure and this event has taken a toll on my self-esteem... specifically my pride.

Sure, this is a humbling event and it reminded me that to err is human and that I shouldn't think badly of others who fail because they too might be just like me... had a case of bad, dumb old luck. Life is a gamble and it's how you deal with what ever life gives you is the most important part.

I was grieving when I found out I had to do a retake. I was in denial (I couldn't make a mistake), I was angry (that stupid teacher checked my paper wrong), bargaining (I didn't really bargain...), I was depressed (I wanted to die), and finally I accepted my failure.

I just lost 2% of my total grade and it really doesn't look that bad. I will make this failure as a sign to work extra hard and be more diligent in my studies.

It does help to think positively.

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  1. That's what we need sometimes...a slap on the back of the head [upside smack ba ang tawag dun] aka..batok! - tulad ng ginagawa ni Gibbs sa team nya...sinong Gibbs ba Leroy Gethro Gibbs....hahaha. Google mo na lang...tee hee...

    Anyway, the good thing is you were able to get up and dust yourself off...

    I haven't been here in a while so I just now read that you finally work in a hospital....woot! Good for you....before you know it, you'll be doing your dream job. Keep on going!

    Ate J