Sunday, December 19, 2010

RANT: Apathy In My House

I thought that I might as well warn people before they read this post that this is a rant. I always rant on my blog to vent, so it's best to label my useless rants from my other posts. Anyway, words cannot express how angry I am and disgusted by the fact that my parents do not care what happens to this house. It is pathetic that I can't call this house my home as I do not want to live here anymore. The only sanctuary I have is my room, because this house is infested by the scum I call my "brother". God has punished me by cursing me to be related to this human trash.

I am so tired of cleaning up after my brother and his friends' mess! I am not the janitor in this house and I hate how our basement is slowly becoming a motel and a bar. I'm not surprised if they're doing drugs down there, but guess what? I don't give a shit anymore. If my parents don't even care then why should I? Although I did invest some money into this house, it isn't mine and I don't plan to stay here any longer. Once I graduate and start earning real money I will leave this shitty place in a heart beat. I will give my parents an ultimatum: I will help pay half of their mortgage if they ban my brother from bringing any of his crackhead friends over, if not then I'll leave and they will never see me again ever.

So right now I won't stress about this right now. My brother and his friends could burn down this house for all I care.

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