Thursday, November 11, 2010

Spamming The Facebook Wall

You know what I've realized? Instead of spamming my friends Facebook walls with my nonsense, boring status updates, I can use my blog to vent and express myself since this blog is all about me and nobody could complain (not that anyone thought that my status updates where annoying... I think).


  1. I'm glad I don't have Facebook, I use twitter mostly , and Myspace (which is gr8). no seriously I like Myspace. Because of competition Myspace has become better. It's good to market. but I haven't added anyone on it yet. But I don't think I'll get a facebook.
    Gotta love the net, u could write whatver u want and screw what pple say

  2. you don't have facebook?! From what planet did you come from? LOL!

  3. Heya spammer! LOL....I have FB and I'm from Jupiter...tee hee. Actually, the only reason I have fb eh para lang updated ako with family and friends na hindi ko nakikita regularly. Medyo I'm getting tired na nga visiting it kasi mostly naman eh 'alang wenta' yung nababasa ku dun eh...still I waste my time [a lot of it actually] checking in....ay sus...

    O siya...just spamming your blog kaya ako nandito....bwahahaha...

    Ate J [ps...nakakita ka na ba ng SINTA?] your post about it a few days ago....toinks....

  4. Hi Ate J! Facebook is not a waste of time because socializing is a human need. LOL!

    Akala ko SANTA, Sinta pala. Nah wala akong makita. I think tatanda ako na mag-isa... sad LOL! Concentrate nalang muna ako sa trabaho huhuhu...