Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Can't I Wake Up?!

These past few days I have been having a hard time getting out of bed. I do wake up when my alarm goes off but somehow I end up going back to bed and going back to sleep. Today I've actually missed my first class in the morning and this prompted me to reflect and find a solution to this destructive behavior that I am exhibiting.

I have observed a pattern in my behavior and it is quite disturbing but it is quite easy to fix. I'm pretty sure that other people also exhibit the same signs and symptoms of the very disease of "Lazyness Hagukis" (failure to wake up despite several auditory and tactile stmulus). Here are my observations and my recommendations to change the behavior:

  1. I observed that I don't wake up if the sun isn't up - I refuse to wake up whenever it is still dark outside. This is especially worst during winter when the sun doesn't rise until 8 am in the morning so I always end up being late. SOLUTION: Turn on all the lights in the room. This will fool your biological clock to think that it is already the middle of the day.
  2. Having the alarm clock ring consecutively to gradually wake me up... NEVER WORKS! I end up just turning off the alarm clock every time it rings. SOLUTION: I will set three different alarm clocks to ring at the same time. I will set one alarm clock away from the bed so that I have to stand up to turn it off. It's either wake up or be late. I will never go back to bed to catch the "5-more-minutes-of-sleep". I need to STICK TO THE SCHEDULE.
  3. I tend to procrastinate studying because I'll just wake up earlier to study. I noticed that whenever I tell myself that I'll wake up earlier to do something, I actually end up sleeping in more. Whenever I do wake up and I find that it's too late to do any studying, I just go back to sleep and the cycle of sleeping until I miss the bus continues. SOLUTION: Do everything before sleeping. DO NOT sleep and then wake up to study or do anything else. I have noticed that I actually find it harder to sleep when I have to wake up later and I usually don't get enough sleep so I end up being tired when I force myself to study.
  4. I usually sleep in more because I can drive to school whenever I miss my bus. I usually wake up earlier because I need to catch my bus but since I found free parking at school I ended up driving to school more often than usual. SOLUTION: Do not drive to school! I usually end up taking the bus very early in the morning so I get to do more studying at school. In the end I'll be more productive plus I'll save more money on gas.
I will follow the recommendations that I have presented and hopefully I get to wake up earlier, be more productive (get more studying done), be more punctual, and save more money!

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  1. ahhh a story I know too well. My husband was once like this. He used to snooze the alarm gazillion times before he finally gets up--which btw, irritates me a lot. Fortunately, he's down to 2 snoozes...I can live with that.

  2. Good for him! LOL! I can't wake up still... This always happen to me during the middle of a school semester... so sad.