Friday, February 26, 2010


This is an excellent description of what I am feeling right now. I just have too much to do and there`s just no time for it. I wasn't able to study for my midterms because I was flogged with papers and I needed to work so that I could pay off my car and credit card debts.So yeah, it sucks to be me.

I've been stressing out myself a lot lately and I've done several positive and active steps to fix this:
1. I quit my other job as a home care aid as my gas expenses was too much and I didn't like travelling to other people's homes.
2. I'm actually going to make a schedule and I'm actually going to follow it... I hope.
3. I'm going to adopt a carefree attitude.

I'm going to begin practising my care free attitude right now by sharing David Archuleta's new song "Zero Gravity" which I am so loving right now.

Sorry, my brain isn't functioning well right now... it never has, LOL!

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