Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here's My Card

I used to question the practicality of business cards in the past because I used to have this big stack of cards but I never did get to use them. But when I arrived here in Canada I've seen the use of business cards several times in different scenarios.

I've realized the practicality and essence of business cards when this real estate agent gave us a mortgage specialist's business card. Business cards have several other uses than just plain telling someone who you are, what you do, and how to reach you.

Business cards are an excellent way to advertise and promote your product or company. Your unique business card design can help stimulate a potential customers memory of what you have discussed in a prior meeting or it can somehow tell the potential customers of what your company is all about. Plus it would be very easy for people to refer you to their friends as they can just give away your information easily.

Business cards can also be used in out of business scenarios like when you meet someone on your commute to work and you want to continue what ever you talked about sometime later. Giving away your business cards saves you the trouble of writing down long names and numbers plus everything you need to know is on the business card already.

You can create free personalized business cards at and then maybe we can exchange business cards right?

I've Decided to Stay

I think that this is the second time that I have made a post in this blog saying that I've decided to stay in Canada to start my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree all over again from scratch. But I am sure of my decision this time as the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) has replied to my letter asking them for an opinion.

Well CARNA didn't really give me an opinion as to whether I should go back to the Philippines or stay here in Canada but they did inform me that I cannot challenge or write the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination without them assessing my eligibility and credibility and it will still require some course work.

So I decided to stay in Canada so that I will be familiarized with the Alberta Health Care System as well as the SOP's of the hospitals and clinics here in Edmonton as I do plan on staying and working here in Edmonton in the future.

So to all those who have shared their ideas and helped me on make a decision, I thank you all!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hello Spring!

Goodbye winter and hello spring! Just as the ice melts to welcome the beautiful greenery and life of spring, it's only natural for us to get rid of our bulky and heavy winter coats and get ourselves a new set of spring wardrobe!

I'm usually loyal to a specific brand of clothes because I know that their line of clothes and accessories matches my personality and style. I'm usually for the formal and professional look clothes but I guess I want to re-invent my self and try something a bit exciting and new. I want to enjoy the last days of my youth and just be carefree and adventurous and Lucky Brand just make this personal statement stand out and be heard!

Their clothes are fun and completely spells out rock 'n roll! Their line of clothes emphasize being youthful and not being limited by rules so you can be who ever you want to be.

They say that the way you dress and how you appear tells something about who you are. So why not tell the world that you are young, fun-loving, and unstoppable! Tell it with Lucky Brand.


Downsizing is the ‘conscious use of permanent personnel reductions in an attempt to improve efficiency and/or effectiveness’
With the economy being unstable these days and with future expenses that will arise when I go back to study it had made me re-examine my life especially my finances. I had realized that I have been wasteful with my money indeed. When I was making my income tax return for 2008 I was intrigued when I had earned around $10,000 but then the actual money that I have in the bank is not even close to 10% of that.

Sure we just moved here in Canada last year in the middle of the year so I had to help my parents out by buying some furniture for the apartment and some other things like food and clothes. But still I feel that I have wasted money on some other things like buying some random stuff online.

I sometimes wonder if this is why some people get into so much debt in the first place. It is so easy to get hold of financing and credit if you have good credit rating that's why people just buy and buy even if they don't really need it thinking that it only would cost them a couple of dollars with their installment plan or buy now pay next year scenarios.

It will only be 5 months until I go back to school and it's just right that I cut my spending and save all of my earnings in the bank because I can't expect my parents to contribute a lot to my education because they would still have to pay for our car and our new house if our plans to buy a new house push through this year.

Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, said that Canada will get through this temporary recession and I guess I could trust him and his words because the Canadian Government has put through an excellent economic action plan. But still, I hope that my parents won't get laid off since if ever this happens, even the Employment Insurance will not cover our expenses. Well my mom works for the Government so she would unlikely be laid off but again she only works temporary for the Government. She's still waiting to be hired full time at another City department.

So here are the steps that I have planned and will implement to downsize and even earn more money:

>Spend money ONLY on things that are NECESSARY
>Canceled my order of a laptop that I bought online for $1,600 realizing that it's too expensive and it's too bulky and heavy for university.
>Instead of buying an iPhone, I negotiated with my mom that I'll use her iPhone and exchange it with my iPod and cellphone.
>I will take a sponsored post each day.

I'm also thinking of getting a second job but I don't think it's feasible. I just hope that everything turns out well.

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