Sunday, August 31, 2008

Computer Gone Berserk

I don't know what is happening to my computer. It has a powerful Quad processor and an incredible 6 GB RAM but it is slower than my laptop which only has a single Intel Celeron processor.

Oh well, at least I was able to do something for it like bringing it to the Geek Squad so that it will be fixed. Who wants a very slow computer right? Well I have done everything to fix the problem by myself including reformatting it and restoring the factory image but to no avail it is as slow as a snail.

I really hate it when technology fails... because i then feel helpless...

Well at least I still have my old and trusty laptop to keep myself company as my PC will be staying at the Geek Squad shop for a week or so. I just hope it gets fixed soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Bike Was Stolen

One of the reasons that sparked my desire to quit was when my bike was stolen. Yup it was stolen and I blame Tim Hortons for it. It was because of them that I forgot my bike chain that's why it was stolen. Well I know that it was actually my fault for being so forgetful but Tim Hortons played a factor in the loss of my bike chain.

Anyway, what's stolen can't be reclaimed so I've bought a new bike since I really need it to go to work fast and effortless. Anyway, I was able to buy a new bike that is better than my old one in many ways for exactly the same price.

So this proves that some bad things do happen to make way for better things.

I Stayed...

Well, I did plan to make yesterday the official start of my jobless life but guess what? I'm still have my job because they still need me. They finally agreed to go with my demands of placing me back to the evening shift (3 pm to 11 pm) and I don't have to work night shift (11 pm to 7 am) when I threatened them that I was quitting.

Well I'm quite happy with this outcome really because I never really wanted to leave Tim Hortons because I was paid well. I should have also asked for a raise while we were bargaining for my employment.

Oh well. At least I have now learned to say NO and I am now able to protect my happiness and be selfish and mean once in a while. I will not be pushed around any longer. I have learned to say NO!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Angels on Earth

Some may think of angels as a transcendental being or those beings with white wings and who fights of evil and serves as God's messengers...

But to me, the real angels are the real human beings here on earth who help other people when they are in need. But one does not have to do extreme acts to be called an angel. By simply being courteous or nice to someone could make that person an angel.

Angels for me are people who makes each passing day worthwhile. These are the people who make the world a better place.

So who are the devils? Well the people who are opposite of the angels. They're rude, self-absorbed, selfish and destroy everything around them. They are infectious as they tend to make other people evil to as one will be evil to protect one's self from evil because if your good, these evil people will team up against you. It's a never ending vicious cycle... but we can really break this cycle. Be an angel... don't transfer your hate to other people and always be kind and patient to people. Being calm and forgiving makes things better rather than being hot headed and rude.

Hair Color? Black and Proud of It!

What is up with people these days but I've noticed the people I know here in Canada dyeing their hair. There's my co-workers at work Tina and Lindsey, my brother, my father...

Well I actually tried dyeing my hair red too but the hair dye my brother bought was only made to compliment one's natural hair color so obviously red didn't compliment my hair so instead of having a stunning red hair I still have my wonderfully black hair which I find great and I won't be dyeing my hair anytime soon.

For one reason i think that black is a very good hair color and I'm proud of being Asian so hiding that fact is beyond me. And besides I don't want myself to turn out like this in this STORY.