Thursday, June 1, 2006

DNAngels Crazy!!!

I can’t believe that I’d fall in love with DNAngel… At first I was only interested in finding a blog template with an angel theme but when I saw Daisukes eyes I instantly fell in love with him, I mean the character. I then googled what DNAngel is about and then I became more interested about the topic.

The art is not only breathtaking but the characters and the plot of the story is perfect! I find my self becoming an anime fanatic once again! DNAngel is just plain cool!

Look into is expressive eyes... what do you see? Calmness... Peacefulness... The innocence of a young boy...
Vincent rules!

This is one of my favorite Angel related anime... angel Sanctuary. It has a real great plot. What if you fall in love with your sister? And your sister with you? But your actually the reincarnation of an angel trapped in a mortal's body... would you still pursue your love for your sister? Hmm... Which one will you chose? Both of your happiness or pleasing every one else?
Vincent rules!

For the people out there, this is not a yaoi (boy x boy) pic. Daisuke (the red haired boy) and Dark-Mousy (Black Winged Angel) are just one person. The red ribbon binding them signifies this. This is a very high level of art that requires logic to correctly interpret the symbolisms used in this picture... I just wonder why Dark-Mousy's right eye is clossed...
Vincent rules!