Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Stench of Death

I could not be mistaken. I know that smell very well and I know that life must have just been taken from some poor creature.

When I was at our living room I sensed this strong pungent smell and I wanted to get rid of it immediately. I asked my father if he smelled but he said no.

Was I hallucinating? Was I the only one who smelled death in the air? I knew that it must be a rat or something but then why don't they smell it? This must be an omen I thought... a bad one.

I feared the most for my family and my safety because if this was an omen... well you get the point.

But a few days later the smell was gone and I was right as my father discovered the carcass of a dead rat (probably killed by Missy the Doggie).

After that happening, I started to fear death as I still don't want to die. Not yet. We're this close to fulfilling my mom's dreams so not yet...

I used to want to die before when I didn't have any dreams at all. But now that I have some purpose in my life, I don't want to die yet until I have the sense of fulfillment that my life was actually worthwhile. I still want to know my potentials...

Photo Credits:XIII: Death by *SilentReaper

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