Sunday, May 4, 2008

How to irritate internet Trolls

If you have read Anah's Troll Proofing article then you may have a clear picture of who these internet trolls are. But for the benefit of those who haven't read her article (and you should), internet trolls are "people" who attack you or anyone for that matter using words that are degrading and foul. The best term would this would be "verbal harassment".

We see all of these people in places like YouTube and if you're unlucky enough, you may have a troll visiting your blog and doing what they do best: express to you how pathetic and pitiful they are using second-person pronouns instead of first-person pronouns. Example: You're fat and ugly and your mama hates you! What they really mean is this: I'm fat and my mama hates me!

And one way to distinguish an internet troll is that they usually don't leave traces like names or contact e-mails or whatsoever because their ego is poor and shattered that they can't endure a rebuttal statement. But internet trolls don't know is that even when you don't leave a name and be anonymous you leave prints behind. And these prints are what we call as an IP Address. Trolls don't know this but we could actually trace this IP address to their computer and this could be used in court (together with their ill message) as proof in a hearing at court.

But if you don't want to go to court because you have evaluated the situation and realized that the troll is just a nuisance and that you have better things to do than go after useless creatures like these trolls one good way to do it is to ignore them!

Trolls hated being ignored because they know that they are treated as if they don't even exist and that their pathetic attempts to catch your attention is not working.

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