Friday, May 2, 2008

My Versus List

Yesterday I went shopping with my parents to the mall. Believe it or not I really had a great time with them and i would love to do it again. But this post is not really about the joys of shopping. You see I was having lunch with my parents and as I was waiting for our order when I got lost in my own personal space and thought of some products and services and came up with this Versus List:

Jollibee vs McDonalds
I would definitely go with Jollibee because I was always a satisfied customer with them. They always have an innovative product line and their service is excellent! Imagine I dropped my chocolate sundae and it was my fault but their crew members were generous enough to replace that product which I dropped on my own! How great is that? McDonalds however is a different story. Their burgers are bad and their products are not only old and boring (nothing new) and their food and service is not acceptable (well with my standards really, Lol!). Laking Jollibee yata ako hehehe.

Pepsi vs Coke
No doubt about it my choice would be Coka Cola! I love the strong taste that Coke has and it really is a thirst quencher even if it is a known diuretic like all sodas (lol). I just love an iced cold coke during a hot summer's day, it's very relaxing.

Orbits vs Zagu
I have been known to have a sweet tooth and pearl shakes are one of my most favorite beverages ever! I just love a shake with lots and lots of Tapioca pearls after my duty at the hospital because it just takes away the stress. and the best tapioca pearl shake ever would be Orbits! Sure Zagu has a nice non-spill container but tried their product yesterday and I regret ever buying it. Their shake had this funny after taste which I really did not like.

So people watch out for more of my Versus list hehehe. I wonder if McDonalds, Pepsi, and Zagu would be a sore loser and sue me for bad advertisement hehehe. Hey this is a review and take it as a constructive criticism. Jollibee, Orbits, and Coke never paid me to write this. This is just my way to express how a satisfied customer I am, Lol!

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